Luigi just turned one on May 7th. He just also got diagnosed with EPI. He can not breakdown or absorb the food he eats. If it is not taken care of the dog can actually starve to death. He will be on enzyme replacement therapy for the rest of his life, but will live a normal life. I have not seen many corgis with this disease so I was wondering if anyone else's corgi is going through the same thing?

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I'm waiting for Liz to be able to get online and post, but her Sadie is going great! She also gets the enzyme powder over her food and she's happy and a good healthy weight.

Hi Ashley,

I'm sorry for responding so late, I had a double bypass almost 3 weeks ago and then last week my computer crashed.  I just borrowed a laptop.  Anyways, my Sadie was diagnosed with EPI 3 yrs ago.  She is doing very well with powder enzymes. Its a very manageable. I give her 1 tsp. per cup of dry food add about 1/3 cup of warm water (just enough to soak everything) mix and let it sit for 45 mins.  I joined  an amazing support group called  "".  They can help with all sorts of questions.  I also get my enzymes from which is like 1/3 of price of enzymes you get from the vet.  Theres another great website called that's is very helpful too.  I hope this is help.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  You can also email me at if you want to me contact offline.

Liz and Sadie,

San Marcos, CA

Thank you so much. I am definitely going to take a look at those. I am glad that sadie is doing well with it. It helps a lot. I hope you are feeling better.


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