So today I went to lunch with my mother and stopped at the grocery store so I was gone about 3 hours. I put Orion in his kennel and he usually just goes right to sleep but he was all wound up so he was howling and whining when I left. I figured he would just settle down after a little while. I got back home and opened the door and there he was, waiting for is. No one else had been in the house since we left and I'm positive the door was locked like always. Has anyone ever had their dog learn to escape from a kennel? I wonder if maybe he just rattled it around enough that the door got open. I have the Midwest life stages cage, here's a picture of him sleeping in it:

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I have not experience my pup escape a crate BUT when my pup was 3 month I came home after an hour to her greeting us at the door, she was baby gated in the laundry room, When we put her back in and I went down the hall, when I heard her making noise with the gate, turned around and saw her jump a 3 foot baby gate. I would not put it past a corgi's inelegance to be able to figure out how to get out of a crate.
We had max about a month before he figured out how to get out. Then we got Molly, Max would get her out. We still have no idea how they do it.
I had a Siberian Husky who could open her crate. The latch was just like the one on the one pictured. I bought a "carbiner"(sp) and clipped it on ..... that kept the latch secure. Cheap and easy fix!! And, by the way, easy to clip on and off as needed.

That's the same crate Dixie escaped from today - she unhooked the side opposite the latch and squeezed right out.

when teddy was 8months old he figured out how to open the crate and escaped all the time. he never did any damage so i started leaving him out although mine was an ASPCA crate but i do have one from mid west that baden is starting to learn how to open :( smart little butts

Luna knows how to open those slide locks so she's in a kennel with a hook lock now. Although she has now once successfully managed to escape that one once.

Best bet would be to get one of those little click lock things to block your corgi from opening it.

Yes.  My maltese when I was a kid was a master at this type of crate.  She figured out how to move the latch up and over with her nose.

Have you seen this?  The crate looks like yours.  It's the great Corgi escape...

I bought this same type crate for Mowgli when we first got him.  He twice managed to work the latch open.  We now have a different crate, since that one proved too small anyway.  You can add a snap or a carabiner.


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