I was browsing the food isle today at PetSmart looking for Dragsters food he prefers, the Eukanuba maintenance small bites. I can never seem to find a big bag of the 1+ small bite dog food anymore, I used to find it all the time. Anyway I noticed there are more breed specific food and I got to reading the one for Dachshund and it  said "perfect for corgis too" well I was wondering if anyone feeds this food. Maybe I would consider switching to that if it has more ingredients that are made for Corgi's?

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I read this article about the Eukanuba teckel (dachshund) food several months ago. You might find it helpful.  I decided to go with something else ultimately.

My gut feeling on this is that it is a marketing ploy. How different can different breed tummies be? And suppose you have a mixed breed. Do you buy two kinds and mix them together? I see too many dogs who get by on whatever is donated to the shelter, or whatever their owners can afford. Look for quality ingredients, not for the picture on the label.

On the other hand, you know the expression "he eats like he has a hollow leg?" Well, corgis and doxies both have short legs, right? So maybe it takes a different kind of food to fill their legs? (Sorry, can't resist a short joke.)

Our breeder feeds Eukanuba.  She's been breeding for 30 years and has a long list of champions.  Personally we feed Iam's, which is the same company.


The Dachshund formula seems quite similar to their regular adult maintenance formula.  One difference is it lists the amount of glucosamine and chondroitin for the breed-specific formula but not for the regular adult maintenance, so you can't really compare them.   It also has fish meal instead of fish oil + flax meal;  my understanding is dogs and cats (and even people) get Omega 3's better from fish than flax because of absorption rates.


If it were me, I would compare the price of the two and if they are about the same, go with the specialty formula and if the regular type is cheaper, then go with the regular one.   Be wary of sites like DogFoodAnalysis.com that make a lot of claims with zero research to back them up;  for instance, corn is readily digested by dogs in the form used in dog food and not that many dogs are actually allergic.  It does contain a type of fiber that can bulk up the stools a bit more than, say, rice.  For some dogs that is good, for others it isn't;  one of mine does not do well on corn and so we avoid it by my parent's and sister's dogs are both great on it.  

I also like Blue and Wellness, but they tick me off a bit because both put flax meal in their cat food and my understanding is that cats can't even get the nutrients out of flax meal.  So, expensive ingredient added to appeal to the humans reading the label but worthless to the cats.  In other words, no pet food company makes a perfect product.  If your dog does well on Eukanuba, stick with it.  If you are switching formulas, do so gradually over a week or so.

Good luck! 

OK. I did some reading on the dog food advisor. I don't know what their affiliation is or care. the stuff sounds reasonable. I use Holistic as a treat right now. I'll probably switch to it when the time comes based on the reviews. I see that talking about food is just like talking about which oil is best on my motorcycle forums!
Thanks everyone, looks like he's staying on his normal adult maintenance Eukanuba. I thought maybe they had added extra things to support Corgi growth but seems like a marketing strategy to me as well as someone else said.


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