Our 1 yr old Corgi, Max, has excessive wearing on his front nails to the point that they are worn down very short and prone to splitting and bleeding.  He is a very active dog and the wear is resulting from the way he runs.  Our vet has checked them and agrees it would be better to see more growth but also recognizes that it's a function of Max's particular stride when he runs.

Has anyone encountered this problem and/or can suggest any solutions? 

Please let me know.  Thank you



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Mishka does this and I currently have a pretty good solution - nail caps.  They take some practice to put on, but they make it so that we can take a good walk every day on pavement without bleeding nails.

I had to make some changes to the caps so that they would work, and I don't follow the application instructions - I can post a FAQ-type reply with photos if you want.

I would definitely give the nail caps a try. Does he run on concrete a lot?

Nail caps were my first thought too!


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