I have an 8 almost 9 week old pup who can't go outside because he hasn't had all his shots yet.  We live in an urban neighborhood, and our backyard is shared with another dog, so there is no good dog-free area for him to romp around.  I'm finding it hard to use up all that puppy energy.

Any suggestions?

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I think most people would agree that good mental stimulation is almost as tiring as physical stimulation. Try to think of games(hide and seek the treat) that combine mentall stimulation as well...it might be hard as puppy's have a small attention span...
We have the most annoying Jolly Ball toy that is pulled out when we are stuck inside for a while. It's the hard plastic ball with holes in it, and a smaller ball inside that can't fit out of the holes. Lili plays with it wildly and loudly whenever given a chance. It's the kind of toy that you don't dare leave out because you would never, ever sleep if you did.

You could try having him chase around a laser pointer. :) Edison loves to "herd" the little red dot, and starts to frap madly whenever we so much as pull the pen out of the drawer. (This seems to work with most smaller dogs- we use it to baffle and quiet the one next door when it gets too yappy. ;))
Don't do the laser pointer. It has been shown that dogs who play with these can develop bad habits about chasing lights, shadows, etc and become obsessive about these behaviors. Laser pointers are not good things for dogs esp high energy dogs like corgis.
Yeah some dogs get OCD over it and begin looking for ANY flickering light. I don't recommend it either.
I third on the lasers. Great for cats but must be very careful with dogs. I used one once with Jack and he started looking for that dog for several minutes after I put it away and had a weird look on his face. I never used it again.
I got the cat's toy for her. It is a stick that attacted to a string and at end of the string there is a mouse, lol. I just run around with it.
They have the dog version. Basil says this is the greatest toy ever! It stands up to doggie play really well.

The Chase It!
Wow, this is the biggest rip-off I've ever seen! $30 for that thing and it advertises "replacement collars" and "replacement squirrels" right at the bottom (implying that you’re going to need to replace those items).

Just tie some rope to a stuffed toy - Generic "The Chase It!" for less than $5. Heck, if you can sew and have some time on your hands, you could probably make a better version of "The Chase It!" with materials from a fabric store and/or home depot and STILL save yourself money, lol.
It's expensive because it's a flirt pole. It's not a rope and a toy; it's got a flexible rod in there so you can get the toy out in front of the dog. CleanRun (intelligently) doesn't CALL it a flirt pole, because that term is associated with gamedog people, but that's what it is.

And the handmade flirt poles, the ones built for bullies, are $50 or more.

You could go buy a lunge whip and tie a toy to it but you'd end up spending $30 by the time you were done.

CleanRun is definitely there for those of us who spend more on our dogs than ourselves, but they are real dog people and they don't carry crappy products. I've spent far too much there and I still head right to their booth as soon as I get to one of the big shows.
I stand by my original statement. Flirt pole or no, this toy is a rip-off. Just because you know you're being ripped-off and like being ripped-off, doesn't mean you're not being ripped off.

And unless you’re incredibly lazy, or physically disabled, it's not hard to get a toy on a rope in front of a dog.

Does that help? It's a different way of exercising the dog. It's not lazy, any more than lungeing a horse is lazy. For every step you move, the dog has to move ten, and that lets them get tired out. It's a great way to get puppies moving because it engages their herding/chasing/prey drive.


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