I have an 8 almost 9 week old pup who can't go outside because he hasn't had all his shots yet.  We live in an urban neighborhood, and our backyard is shared with another dog, so there is no good dog-free area for him to romp around.  I'm finding it hard to use up all that puppy energy.

Any suggestions?

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Lol. All you did was prove my point - the woman in that video doesn't move beyond a few steps in any direction. Again, my point is that it's not hard to get a toy on a rope in front of a dog, but it involves the person moving too, not standing stationary while the dog exercises.

But if you're really really keen on limiting your own physical exertion as much as possible, or have reduced mobility, this product is STILL a huge rip-off!

To build your own from materials readily available from home depot and a fabric store:
Drill a hole in each end of a 1-inch thick, 3-4 ft long PVC pipe on opposing sides; string a piece of nylon through the hole and the centre of the pipe, and out the other end (tying a knot to keep the fabric in); Tie a toy to the end of the nylon rope coming out of the end of the pipe. Voila! Homemade "The Chase It!"
That was uncalled for Carla, we appreciate your creativity, suggestion and opinion, not everyone have the time and skill to go the DIY route, that's why a retail option may be more suitable for some. You can simply state an alternative option without offending others who're also trying to help Susan.
Not my intention to offend. Just pointing out that anyone with 15 free minutes and access to a hardware store could, if so inclined to do so, produce a similar product for 1/3 of the cost.

My apologies.
It isn't always about exercising a dog - it builds drive for certain toys and you can also practice having the dog move away from you and doing obstacles at a distance by following the toy. I definitely wouldn't call people that use them lazy. I think that is an over-generalization and kind of offensive.

Some dogs require exercise at a pace faster than what an average human can provide it. It isn't healthy for some dogs to be hooked up to a bike or jogged on concrete. It would be MUCH safer for the dogs to use a flirt pole on turf and they get better exercise being able to run and turn at THEIR pace, not the owners pace.

Of course you can build this stuff yourself I was just giving an example of a ready-made flirt pole. Not everyone has a local tack shop nearby to grab a lunge whip and it also isn't always easy to attach a toy to a lunge whip with a dog that loves to tug. The OP is doing the responsible thing in asking ways to exercise her dog mentally and physically. A toy like this provides both. Instead of attacking people giving helpful advice why don't you join in and add some of your own?
we bought a lunge whip from state line tack and tide a towel to the end.... cost me $12 : ) Works great for my Bullie dog too! lol we LOVE it, its mentally and physically draining and it helps with self control training and (for Shelly) it helped her learn to keep her focus....

And I love Cleanruns products IMO they have quality products for descent prices : ) Agility equipment is expensive but A LOT can me made for way cheaper or found some where else
Yeah this is the economical way to do it if they don't kill you on shipping cost. I know not every city has a local tack shop. :)
Hi Susan! You have been given wonderful suggestions to exercise your pup indoors. I can understand your concern with shots, and you and your vet need to decide when it is safe to get puppy outside. Just keep in mind that the socialization windows start to close at around 14-16 weeks, so you need to weigh one set of risks against another.

We had two breeders and a vet say it was ok to start taking pup to places where other dogs go about a week after the second set of shots. There is always still some risk, but waiting til that final set of shots is through can pose some other issues.

Good luck with your adorable puppy!


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