New ad on Petfinder, I find people like this very disturbing and they should NEVER be allow to own animals if they can do this to any animal. Woman is trying to find her 10 yr old Corgi a home in 1 week or she is going to have her put to sleep. How can you own any animal and just say I will put you to sleep in one week if no one takes you, no older dog deserves such treatment. Anyone wanting an older female corgi she is in desperate need of a home, they are only asking $25, needs help SOON!!

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Some people...I hope someone can take her even if it's temperary till she can find a forever home. How can people be so cruel?
Is there a rescue in this area?  What about Lakeshore? 
That made me soooo mad to read where she will put her down if not adopted within one week....WHO DOES THAT TO AN ANIMAL.....a senior.....she is the same age as my Chloe dare she do that.  Just like kids some people should not have kids, some people should not own animals.  Sorry but that is just my opinion. 
I emailed the owner and emailed Lakeshore Rescue.  I just couldn't stand it.  Haven't heard anything back from either, but hopefully they can work something out.  Sam, do you have any other rescues in that area I could possibly contact, or give the owner the info on?
Cheryl Lyons, who is on this site and in Illinois I think, is a rescue person for Lakeshore.  She gave me some needed information just a couple of weeks ago.  Perhaps she would be able to assist in some way???

Information about the female corgi is no longer available.  My husband said we would drive up there to go get her.

If the info is unavailable, does that mean she's been adopted?  Good luck to her!
I heard back from both the owner and Lakeshore.  The owner said they found a home for her (thank god), and Lakeshore said they would get in touch with her also.  Awesome to have people that care!
Yea, I'm doing happy Corgi dances.  That bothered me so much that is all I could talk about yesterday, but I am so so so happy that she got a home. 
Thank you Jennifer for the update on this girl and for contacting both the owner and Lakeshore Rescue. If she had not been adopted by today I was going to make the trip and pick her up even though I did not have the room, so glad to now she has found a home!!
Phew!!! Glad she got adopted! Upset me so much as well! Glad all of you could spread the news and get that lovely lady a home! Well done all :)


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