Hello.  We have a 2 year old female corgi who repeatedly gets an oozing discharge , sometimes bloody, in her vulva area. Urine drawn directly from the bladder shows no bacteria.  There are many tests we could run, but before we do,  has anyone else had a similar problem, and how was it resolved?

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There has been at least one previous discussion on here about this. I know of at least one person on here who has a female with similar problems. I will send her a message to check out your discussion.

Thank You!

When we first got our female corgi (Sienna) as a puppy I would notice she had some "goo" down there and I would clean her but then as she got a little older she started to get UTIs and even passed a struvite crystal.  We went through the whole antibiotics deal with her several times and even went to a holistic vet and changed her diet, gave her cranberry capsules, etc. but eventually a different vet noticed that her vulva was not anatomically how it should be (I don't remember what she called it) and thought that a surgery to correct it might help.  We did end up doing the surgery and never had another problem with UTIs.  She had the surgery when she was probably around 5 yr old and lived to be 14 yr old so it was worth it in her case.  I don't think she had any problems with recovery, etc.

If you do a search on this site for "vulva" there are a few discussions.  Curiously, one of the corgis with this problem is named "Seanna", almost like our "Sienna".  So I guess the moral of the story is don't name your corgi Seanna/Sienna.

It sounds like she had a vulvaplasty,  which our vet has considered, altho Claire doesn't really appear to need one.  If the urine culture directly from the bladder comes back with bacteria,  I think I will try it.  the cultures done with just a urine catch are negative for bacteria.  they also talked about doing a skin cytology test.  basically our vet is searching for answers too.

Thanks for your reply!

HI!  Got your message from Jane.  My dog Seanna has recurrent vulva problems, similar to yours.  She gets struvite crystals also, with no bacteria in cultures.  We put her on Royal Canin S/O which has drastically reduced issues.  She also has an extra "fold" in her vulva, which traps urine and makes her all raw and painful.  They wanted to do surgery, but we've managed to keep it at bay with the food, and we wipe her down there once a day with baby wipes.  I also keep her hair trimmed very short around the area, which has helped alot also.  I was taking her to the vets every two to four weeks for a brazilian shave, but they nicked her really bad the last time and she ended up with a horrible skin infection.  So now I just trim her when we do our weekly grooming.  She is gun shy now and doesn't like anyone messing with her in that area, but we manage to keep her looking pretty in that area.  

thanks so much for replying..............I am sorry you have this problem too,   and with no easy solution.  I am anxious to see what the urine culture drawn from the bladder shows.  if it shows bacteria i may do the vulvaplasty.  our daughter's corgi had it done,  and she doesn't get UTIs any more.   but she is always scratching her little butt on the rug and trying to lick herself.  she must have discomfort.  so that is not good.  it is hard to know what to do.  we will probably do a skin cytology test next too.  i will keep you posted.  thanks again for your info.

She may need a vulvaplasty. Is she overweight? Usually overweight dogs get this problem, but it can happen in healthy dogs too. 


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