So today I realized that I should just buckle down and get what I want and not settle for anything less. So I stumbled upon a breeder who had 1 blue boy left, so I made the call..............................and I'll be bringing him home the end of February!!!

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How adorable!
What amazing blue eyes! Wow! Congratulations :)
O M G how adorable.
Hello, Krystal, Cooper Nora & Grady
This is my blue girl Tillie ... got her 01/02 have loved minute of it
Your puppy is beautiful! I'll admit that the eyes were a bit unsettling at first, but I'll blame that on the flash on the camera. I love the patterns she has!
Thank you. What about his blue eyes makes them unsettling?
He is just too cute!
He's adorable. I checked out the rest of his pictures on puppyfind. I'm glad you are going to end up with just what you wanted.

Do the breeders have a kennel name?
I don't think so.


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