Because of all the discussions about emergency situations we have had here lately, I've been putting together a doggie first aid box. We talked about having Ipecac syrup on hand, but after searching several stores and not finding it, I asked the pharmacist. It seems Ipecac has been taken off the market by the FDA. INteresting, since it was a standard item in our medecine cabinets for decades! I remember the hospital "welcome baby" basket had a small bottle of Ipecac in it. Of course this was 20 years ago, LOL


Do any of you know about an alternative to Ipecac? What can we use if our dog injests something that is dangerous, short of rushing to the emergency vet? It seems the FDA wants people to call the Poison Control board if a human is involved. As the injestor, not the injestee, that is.

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watch for expiration date on bottle. yes, it's for vomiting. If done in time, yes.
That is a great idea, might just have to make one my self, with all the trouble my 15 week old Adora is getting into.
I had a friend whose lab got into some prescription meds. Here is a link explaining:
That was a great link Lynne, thank you! It's good to know about the salt, since I always have that handy at home.
Okey...So far I have hydrogen peroxide and benadryl in my first-aid kit for Riley. Is there anything else that might be really important? I've added Betadine, for washing cuts and/or abrasions. Something else, eye wash. Cotton pads.
What about vet wrap,gauze, hand sanitizer, rubber gloves,maybe even an extra collar and small leash?
A bottle of Saline, for eye and wound washing.
led headlight, frees your hand
purple NITRILE gloves
rubber alcohol

actually check with your local red-cross for a dog first aid class, they also offer a DVD :)
Thanks everybody...this looks like a pretty complete list. I will find a plastic, water tight box and start building Riley's first-aid kit...(I think I'll make 2 kits, one for the truck and one for the house). We keep extra blankets and towels in the truck as well as food and water for Riley. An extra harness and leash might come in handy, we have left home without a harness and leash before.
Doggie first aid kit is a must! The items listed so far are wonderful and the only thing I would add as a "must have" is a blanket that is large and strong enough that it could be used as a gurney/stretcher and can also be used between the head of the dog and yourself in case pain from an injury causes them to try to bite.

I do have a bit of a funny story that I can't remember if I already shared. Being the worry-wart doggie mom I am I always have a first aid kit when traveling with the dogs. During a camping trip one year it was actually my hubby who benefited. He was using a knife when it slipped and he sliced into his finger. I grabbed the first aid kit and basically treated him with the items I had on hand in my first aid kit. Keep in mind my hubby is also an EMT and we have a very geared kit for humans... but I grabbed what I knew, the dog first aid kit!

I slapped on some gauze and wrapped it with "Vet Wrap" and our camping buddy jumped into the truck, threw my hubby in the cab and down the old logging road they went to the nearest ER which was an hour away. We had a fully set up camp plus dogs so I stayed behind to hold down the fort. When they got to the ER all the docs and nurses commented on his nicely vet wrapped hand. So 17 stitches later he basically became known as the vet tech's husband by the ER staff. LOL

He is just lucky I used the plain blue wrap and not the one with the cute bone shapes on it!
Something else...if you do go off road or any place your dog might come in contact with "ticks" it would be a goodthing to have a preventative measure in place, a removal plan or repellent handy. If I remember correctly you have discussed tick removal.
Ideally you should also have a soft muzzle, and your dog should be accustomed to it. Having said that, I don't have one myself, but the best dog in the world might bite if scared and in pain.
So true with the muzzle and I also thought of it! My Wynn turns very cranky if he's hurt!


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