Judy was scheduled to be spayed next week at just under 6 1/2 months, but much to our surprise, she came into heat this afternoon!

I'm a bit bewildered.  I will of course talk to the vet, but corgis are very rare around here and I would like your opinion...  How long does their heat cycle last... in other words, how long will I have to watch her like a hawk?  And how long will I have to wait before having her spayed?  Have any of your Pembrokes come into heat at 6 months old?

Thanks in advance!

Ann & Judy

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I believe it will last about 3 weeks. She can get spayed as soon as it's over. Since it's her first, hopefully it will be over fast. I planned on getting Ein spayed right after I got her, but she ended up needing another bordatella vaccination, and the vet wouldn't do the surgery until she had all her shots, and the shots had to be given 6 weeks apart. Ein was "scheduled" to go through a heat during that time, but nothing really happened (probably because she post-partum). She never bled, but male dogs definitely noticed her. I had to get my husband to come pick us up in the car one time while I was out walking her because an intact male schnauzer that was roaming the streets and would NOT leave us alone!

So just be prepared for that. They make little pants you can put on her to contain the mess. 

Are you 100% sure she is in heat and does not have a UTI or some other infection? UTI can cause spotting of blood. A bit unusual for a 6 month old pup to come into heat. I would have the vet check to verify what is going on there.

I don't know too much but I do know they are receptive AFTER they stop spotting. Maybe someone who breeds will jump in and give some better advice.

I would have her checked out too...mine have never gone into heat till about 9 months so I would have to say that is the "norm". 3 weeks and when the bleeding gets less they will start showing the "willingness to find a mate and will be very visibly swollen. After about  5-7 days they will again bleed for a few days and it will be done.  I just had one of my females that went into heat and I waited a month to have her spayed...wanted those hormones out before spaying. IMO I would wait the month as she won't be going into heat again anyways for awhile. Do watch her closely around other dogs.

I feel your pain - Ein went into heat at 8 months, a couple days before her vet appointment to be spayed. I was suprised because my folks dog didn't go into heat until she was over a year old. Then I remember - big dog breed vs. Corgi. Good luck!

Surprise, surprise! The "Norm"is just that, an average that applies to most, but not all.  Breeders know how many ways females come or don't come in heat when they are  "supposed to".  Some females will only go in heat once a year, some three times a year and yes they too are normal, just not average, or what we  call  'the norm".

I would wait to spay her at least a month from the end of her heat season, better two months, as this will make the surgery easier hormonally and reduce chances of excessive bleeding. Do not leave her outside unattended, many Don Juans are expert fence climbers or under the fence diggers!

Thank you all for your advice.  I hadn't thought about the fence climbing Don Juans! :)  

She is in heat, no UTI.  So we will be keeping a watchful eye, and spaying will be put off until the end of June. 

My little puppy is not a baby anymore!!!  

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