I have a question regarding the snow.  We are taking Billy to the snow for the first time this month for a few days and I have seen pictures of dogs in little booties for their feet?  Is this necessary?  Will the snow be too cold for his feet?  I don't see Billy keeping the booties on but I don't want him to get cold feet.

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My dog, Boo absolutely loves the snow and we have never had her wear the booties. I think it probably depends on what the temperature is. Here in the Pacific NW we get snow but the temperatures is usually around 30+ degrees. I think as long as it isn't a bone chilling cold (negative degrees and such) and you limit your exposure to the elements, let him play and then bring him inside to warm up you will be fine without them. Hope that helps a little!

If it's below freezing, it's fine, trim the fur pad hair, use musher's secret and you're good to go. If it's above freezing where the snow is wet, stay home, water seep between paw pads causes it to refreeze = instant snow balls / not fun.

You have nothing to worry about in CA, my florida corgis did just fine in -3.82F / -19.9C Montreal weather. pic here.

Well it is above freezing (It's Southern California) We can't stay home we booked the vacation already...specifically for HIM. 



I didn't see the last part of your response.... ;)

Hey Brooke, we live in Cleveland where it is well below freezing for a good part of winter and Tommy has never had a problem and LOVES the snow. I just keep his paw hair trimmed and dry his little feet when we come in. Have a great time!!! :)

Good to hear....I know he is going to love it because he HATES the sun... My little California man, and he hates the sun :(

We are in North Iowa, 7 miles south of Minnesota, and it gets COLD here, -30 sometimes. As long as they don't stay out over long, Rocky and Rosie prefer the cold to the heat. When it's that cold, it's out to potty only and then back in, check feet for ice and dry off the bellies. They love the snow and plowing paths through it. Use some common sense and he will be fine. Corgis have plenty of coat for cold weather. Just check feet, dry bellies, and give treats!!

We live in MN and mine love the snow. Just wait till he starts rolling on his back in the snow...have the camera ready. Unless it's below zero or they are standing still I wouldn't worry. Take frequent breaks but if it would be too cold he would start lifting his paws. Have fun...I'm sure he will.


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