In memory of a loving friend.  This is NO JOKE.  We almost lost our first dog this way.  It is a common FATAL accident.  Cut bottoms off food bags and keep all of them out-of-reach of even a determined unsupervised dog. 

NOTE:  "On the counter" is not "out of reach", especially if you have a cat to knock things down.

See comment below 12/14/11  re. corgi fatality from chip bag left on a tabletop.

I'd thoughtlessly kept this dog food bag without cutting off the bottom, thinking it might be useful:

"Like, he really owes me for this..."

Sorry if this is kind of shocking.  It's meant to be, so we'll remember.

Learn to look at a plastic bag and see a loaded gun.  We almost lost our first corgi this way -- there was a hole in the bag, just big enough.

Watch your children and guests -- they don't know!

FYI, if you're handy, it's not too hard to cut those swinging panels in the cabinet doors.  They're attached with strong spring-loaded hinges.  The cabinet doors are held by only a magnet, so I added turnbuttons (top photo) to keep out even a determined dog.

Babyproof your home.  Many things kill both children and pets (Venetian blind cords come to mind).  Beware of choking hazards, like bones, too (we DID lose our dog that way).

Let's keep this discussion concise.  I may edit to keep it quickly readable.  Practical safety suggestions are welcome.

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In 2.5 weeks, it will be the one year anniversary of Murphy's death this way. It is a very easy thing to overlook and not think about, leaving bags out for them to get into. Time has made it easier to talk about him, but what happened is no less serious. Thank you again for posting this.

This happened to my dog, Rascal, in August.   He got his head into his Science Diet bag and could not get it off.  He was nearly 12 years old - but corgis are puppies their whole life, I guess. 

So sorry about your Murphy.   

Such a great article and reminder!  It happened to a friend of mine's corgi a few years ago.  The saddest thing ever. 

My dog almost died this way! He was lifeless when I found him with a chip bag stuck on his head. Good post.


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