A horrible, preventable, VERY COMMON fatal accident.   
When we came home, Siri had been trapped for hours this way.  The holes in the bag that saved her life were made by her, not by us.

Several families on have lost dogs this way.

Eat from bowls or boxes, not bags:

Babyproof your home.  Train everybody.  It's a new habit, but easy to learn.  Cut holes in food bags.   Food waste goes in only ONE place, locked-up.  We keep scissors hanging on cup hooks by the sink.  Watch your visitors, who don't know bags are killers.  Even in our vigilant home, I have found intact dog food bags on the basement floor (handy bags, I'd kept them for some reason, or they were in the recycling).  Be alert when routines are changed:  traveling, holidays, parties, in the car.

After plastic bags were introduced in the 1950s, many human children died this way.  Venetian blinds also kill dogs.  And children.

Talk about this to other dog owners.  You'll never know who you save.


Siri was a "gulper".  We lost her to a choking accident.  One bad day, we fed her something too big...

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I'm sharing this with all my Facebook friends.

Thank you for posting this. I didn't even have the slightest inkling about the seriousness of this issue. But everything happens for a reason, and if this accident can help inform people like me who weren't informed before.. Then Murphy is just a wonderful messenger. I'll miss him every day, but now I'll also keep in mind the power of information and awareness that this incident can bring.

John, I have shared this post with every dog page, forum, and friend that I know. Hopefully with more education we can prevent these horrible accidents from occuring.

Thanks for posting this John,a good reminder that people need to get into the habit of doing little things that can make a big difference,it takes so little time. An ounce of prevention..

this is a great idea putting a whole in the bag for i had a aussie pup do the same thing one day. he got into the trash and i couldnt find him. found him laying in the hot sun with a hot fries bag on his head. I feard he was dead. He had used the bathroom on himself his tounge was blue his eyes were only showing the whites.  I was frantic! lucky i knew mouth to nose. It took a few minutes to revive him. I was so happy i could and he lived for 10 wonderful years. I cant express how important this is to do( making a hole in the bag), it could definatly save your dog one day!!!





You revived a nonbreathing dog with mouth-to-nose respiration?  This is the only case I've heard of.  Share your story.

Mouth to nose resuscitation for dog's that are not breathing and have no heartbeat: goal is to achieve about 80-120 beats per minute for heart and 12-20 breaths per minute for breathing. If doing it by yourself you do 2 breaths per 15 thrusts. Put your mouth over the entire muzzle (nose and mouth) of the dog and use your hands to cover the rest of the dogs mouth to prevent air from leaking out the sides of its lips. If doing it with a partner do 1 breath per 3-5 thrusts. It is also important to note success of CPR on a dog is VERY low, somewhere around 5%. Its a good skill to know, but also important to note the low success rate even when done in a hospital setting by trained professionals with the use of emergency drugs. Brain damage occurs within minutes of no breathing/heartbeat so you have to get to the dog ASAP. The dog should be laying on its right side and you pump same way you would with humans (using heel of your hand with the other hand on top and intertwined, elbows straight), the heart is located approximately at the elbow if you bend the elbow back against the body (about 4th rib).

yes john i did. My family used to get so aggrivated with me for watching animal planet all the time. I use to tell them it was so informitive and i may learn something one day. like my spelling lol. sorry not that great at that! But any way. I had watched where a dog has swallowed a ball and got it lodged . The fire dept. came and rescued the dog by doing this. Of course i was all into it because i wanted to see if they could save this dog! So i watched what they did very carefully. Then this incedent happend the very next day after me telling my family that we should watch it for we had a lot of different animals which we might need to know something about.  So any way i found the puppy in the yard in the hot sun with a hot fries bag over his head. You would think something so simple would be easy for them to take off but think about it , if its covering their eyes they really cant see where to put their paws to pull it off! It was a scarey site for i had curlers in my head and still in my night gown. lol. but i pulled the bag off and was shocked at how blue he was and i really thought he was dead! I was so desperate for we lost his father to some wild dogs that winter. So I surely didnt want to lose his son too! Buck was a aussie not a corgi. So i grabbed him up and started right away running him to the house out of the sun. I layed him on the couch and dialed the vet . He was on speaker while i was doing this and i told him what happend and how i was doing it. He said i was doing every thing right just keep at it. but depending on how long he had been this way depends on if he would have brain damage which he didnt end up having. I hung up the phone and kept it up . then eventually it looked as though he was looking at me as i was breathing into him. so i stopped and heard a long moan come from him. I stood up looking at him thinking oh my god he is dead for his eyes were still wide open. then he raised up and looked at me weakly as if to say what happend? i few minutes later i put him down to see how he was. He stumbled around for a few minutes and was kinda weak for a while but by that evening he was running and playing like a healthy puppy again. I was truely proud of myself for this and really shocked that i had it in me! But yes i did save my buck! I raise aussies and i have later saved a couple of pups that were being born, that was not breathing. I had to clear their throats of fluid do the breathing for them and rub them fiercly. I know of two that i had to do that with that also survived  so yes this can be done if done quickly and if you know what to do. Just remember you have to remember how hard to breath for you dont want to explode their lungs. And that is my story John. lol. carrie

Amazing.  Thanks for sharing.

I saw my sis (an M.D.) revive a human choking victim with CPR in a resaurant.  A very small woman cleared the choking obstacle with a Heimlich maneuver, but he went into respiratory arrest.  CPR worked.

Thanks John, I will be sharing this with every dog owner I know!

It seems to me that corgis would be a little more susceptible to this happpening to them.  Their stubby legs do not give them the ability to reach up and paw off things off of their heads.

A good lesson about seeing things from a dog's perspective (and seemingly innocuous items).

Wow, this is really interesting. I never even thought of it! You would think the vet (or the breeder) should warn you about this stuff ... this is why I come here!


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