A horrible, preventable, VERY COMMON fatal accident.   
When we came home, Siri had been trapped for hours this way.  The holes in the bag that saved her life were made by her, not by us.

Several families on have lost dogs this way.

Eat from bowls or boxes, not bags:

Babyproof your home.  Train everybody.  It's a new habit, but easy to learn.  Cut holes in food bags.   Food waste goes in only ONE place, locked-up.  We keep scissors hanging on cup hooks by the sink.  Watch your visitors, who don't know bags are killers.  Even in our vigilant home, I have found intact dog food bags on the basement floor (handy bags, I'd kept them for some reason, or they were in the recycling).  Be alert when routines are changed:  traveling, holidays, parties, in the car.

After plastic bags were introduced in the 1950s, many human children died this way.  Venetian blinds also kill dogs.  And children.

Talk about this to other dog owners.  You'll never know who you save.


Siri was a "gulper".  We lost her to a choking accident.  One bad day, we fed her something too big...

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I feel good that I sent this article on:) I did get a reply from one that had a "near miss" with their Corgi:(

This is a really simple tip that could save a life. I'm going to get everyone here to do this when we get our next dog.

Add it to the list of innocuous things that can kill... like nylon stockings. I knew of a dog that ate some and had he almost died from the obstruction. :(

This is how my first corgi died.  I had never heard of this but found out after it was not that uncommon with short leg dogs like corgis.  Please keep dogs out of trash and keep a special eye out when you're not at home.  I've heard of this happening a lot when routines are changed, like while traveling, visiting, or during holidays.

I have a friend who lost her pup to the underwire from her bra. Punctured the intestines. Horrible.

I read this and then I took my dog to swim therapy. The other dog owner admired my corgi and told me how her friend's corgi pup recently suffocated in a potato chip bag! The six year old son in the family feels responsible because it was his chip bag. This info is definitely something to share. It could happen to any dog or cat or wild animal for that matter.

I'm glad Siri is ok. I will defiantly corgi-proof all our bags!!!

I'm usually very vigilant about leaving food bags around, and today I came home, sat on the couch, and found an empty (and wet, from being licked clean) plastic bag of granola. I'm the one that left it on the couch. Ein's okay, but still really scary. I feel awful :(

I had this jar holding dental floss and other random items (like bobby pins) up on an unreachable shelf.  Morty knocked over the trash can and used it as a stool to jump up and grab it.  This is the result.  Fortunately, we got it off before he hurt himself.  But yeah, lock up your trash

yes learn from my mistake. this happened to my first corgi teddy 2years ago to this accident.:(

now i live in an apartment and we have a huge row of cabinets and i took out the shelves and put the trash can in there so theres no way baden can get to it but i still cut bags up and put food in containers. not only is it safer but it keeps your food fresher, longer such as chips. no more digging around in a bag, its all spread out in a container so theres less of a mess :)

Thanks to you, I baby/pet proof my home regularly, and I inspect it before I go out, or leave the room to shower, etc. One day I was actually in the room and I heard Sully choking. Thankfully, she was able cough up a plastic cap from a water bottle before it stuck in her throat. Had I been in the shower, or worse, not home, she may choked. Thanks for putting this on the radar screen for all of us. I think it is time to put warning labels on all plastic food bags. Thanks again!

Wow.  I never even thought of this.  Thanks for posting. Scary.  


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