Our boy has been weird with food since we got him -- not interested in eating his food much -- but now he's older I'm not so stressed about it. However, lately he's started eating all his food! Win! It could be a winter thing, not sure :D

So I'd just like to check in and make sure we're not under/over feeding him. I was wondering if anyone can tell me how much they feed their Corgis by weight, not in cup measurements? I'm not in the US and cup sizes differ in different parts of the world. All of the info I've found in here talks in cups :) 

We feed him grain free dry food. I've done a 'cup to grams' calculation that says 1/2cup = 6oz = 170gm -- does that sound about right to you guys? 170g in 1/2c seems a lot to me as usually with flour 1c = 150g... I've seen a post saying someone feeds their dog 1/2c three times a day, so I'm not sure about the calculations! BTW That's not how much we feed him -- just trying to get an idea of the cups :D

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Thanks for the info! He's gone back to being a fusspot again *roll eyes*, so there's no worry that he's over weight!


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