For the most part, my Rex is good with other animals. He will play with cats and dogs, I can take him on walks with other dogs, etc. However he will turn on them when it comes to food and toys. The other day he was growled and snapped at my cat for going on the cat's scratching post. He is also protective over car seats if he's in the car. 

He's not like this at all with people--even children. Which i'm thankful for. However I'm fostering a pitbull puppy and he went after her twice today--once when she went by the pantry and once while she was going through his toys. He didn't break skin and I'm not sure he actually bit her, but I'm worried he will. Any tips?

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Billy just started this food aggression as well.  Like Rex, he is good with animals at all other times but he just attacked his little friend for trying to get his carrot off the floor (Billy was not even eating it at the time)



Google Nothing In Life Is Free and follow it. Also, look into classes, usually possessive aggression is caused by the dog thinking they own stuff and really it should be you.

Lemmy shows food aggression, and I correct it asap every time. It's getting better.
I had to start by putting both dogs ( though you would just leash Rex) on leash, I put food on the floor and when ever Lemmy showed aggression I gave a firm "no" and stern tug on the leash.
If he went after Pilot, "No" tug hard, and if he still went after I pinned him until he settled down.
ALWAYS remain calm, it'll do nothing if you're yelling and getting worked up, also keep the leash loose, tighten it only when you're correcting, then relax it right after.
When Lemmy displayed proper behavior eg: walk away, laid down, relaxed I gave him praise. I can corrct him now with verbal command and he'll stow the attitude.


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