Hello! I have a healthy 6 month old male corgi. We are looking into changing his food because he doesn't seem to interested in it, and his poops are massive! He is currently on a cup and a half twice a day of chicken soup for the soul dog food. My fiance is pushing for a brand he was referred to by a friend, Martin's K9 low fat formula. Has anyone used this? The friend we have swears by it, and so does his vet but im not sure by all of the reviews i am reading online. What are some brand you other corgi lovers use? Thanks

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Our full grown male Cardi gets roughly 3/4 cup in the am and pm of blue buffalo.  You might want to look at pulling him back on his food some.  In order to help him get a full feeling while you readjust his food portion you might want to suppliment his kibble with green beans.  They are free of calories, have alot of vitamins and the pups seem to love them.  I have heard people on mycorgi even speak of giving their babies frozen green beans, that their pups love the texture of the frozem beans.  We have always used canned. 


Our breeder has always used the waist rule.....What this means is that regardless of the breed standard which can vary related to ideal weight, look for his waist.  When your fellow looks like he is loosing his waist, the are between his rib cage and his hips, you need to pull him back slightly.  This is not so hard and firm for puppies as they need fuel to grow, it is important information to help keep your fellow in shape down the road.


Good Luck!   ^,,^

We use Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover's Soul for both my Corgis and they love it. It came highly recommended by my friend who is a GSD breeder. I checked it out online and it got very high scores for both nutrition and pricing. How many pounds is your Corgi? I think at about 6 mo. I switch my Corgis to one meal a day. A cup and a half twice a day seems like a lot of kibble. Dog food packaging usually suggests far larger amounts than the dog needs. My male is 34 lbs but it's the appropriate weight for his size. He's a year and a half and is quite lean, all muscle. My female, Lucy, is a petite 21 lbs. She gets 1/2 cup of kibble per day and healthy dog snacks during the day. Ricky gets 1 cup of kibble and ditto with dog snacks. I adjust their food amounts slightly if they have a day with a lot of snacks, or if the fruit trees in the back are bearing fruit and they're eating a lot of fruit. Although small in size, Corgis need the same kibble that big dogs get––not small dog food. Hope this helps.


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