Forever In Our Hearts-- <3 R.I.P. Lance 10-30-2005 to 5-3-2014 <3 <3

Six years ago I was looking up some info about corgis and came across this site.  I am so grateful for finding such a wonderful corgi community.  I have met some very wonderful people.  Lance got to go to corgi meet ups with his buddies and without this site that wouldn't have been possible to  meet other corgi owners.

Lance was diagnosed with auto immune issues three years ago.  His liver stopped functioning properly, and leaking fluid into his abdomen. We had the fluid drained last weekend and within five days it filled back up more and ended up starting to fill up to his lungs making it hard to breathe and eat. 

It is with great sadness I have to write this blog, we loved him so much.  I will miss snuggling with my little snug bug, as well as my two daughters, husband and Tucker will miss his play mate even if they werent able to play recently.  We rescued Tucker 3 years ago ( March 6, 2011), shortly before we found out Lance was sick (July 2011).  He came into our home like he had always been there.  He comforted Lance when he wan't feeling well and waited patiently til he felt better.  What a lucky boy Lance was to have Tucker be so patient with him.  Tucker found his long lost brother. There is so much we will miss about Lance.  He never played favorites and loved us all equally.

There is never enough time with them no matter what.  He just had his 1/2 birthday which made him 8 1/2 on the 30th of April. 

Rest In Peace Lance without pain, we love you so veryyyyyyy much.  <3

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Omg. I am so sorry Natalie.

Thank You Marcie!

Oh I am so so sorry for your loss. I've always enjoyed your pictures and the little videos you would post. Hugs.

Thank You Lawren, i am so glad  you enjoyed the pics and videos, I sure have enjoyed taking them, even if I was obssessed with pictures and videos.  I could write a storybook of his life with all the pictures I have.  I have a video of their last time out in the snow from this winter of them racing each other.  We havent had much snow since we have had tucker glad we got some this year..well more than some, lol...i was sick of it after awhile, but I got them in it together one last time :)

I'm crying reading this. So sorry for your loss. Lance was a wonderful Corgi with many fans who will miss him.

awww, so sweet Beth, thanks so much, appreciate your kind words. 

I am so sorry! Lance's (and Tucker's) pictures always made me smile!

Thanks Jane, glad you have enjoyed their pics as much as I have taken them!  I still need to post their last picture I took last week.  So glad I was thinking and grabbed that camera the one last time, for their pic.  lance was such a trooper about my picture taking :)

Hey Natalie, my condolences. I hope that you can find comfort in knowing you gave Lance the best life he could have.

Thanks Sandy for your kind words, we sure did enjoy having him and was a pleasure to give him the best life he could.  Ok, now I am crying.

Oh god no!!!!!  Not sweet handsome Lance!!  No no no....Oh hon, I'm so so sorry.  I'm in tears.  No words...just, I'm sorry.

Ellen, thanks so much appreciate your sympathy, It is hard to have words in a time like this.  


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