27 corgis were being removed from a puppy mill today and will need fostering. Please help if you can


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Contact LPWCR
Thank you Sam, I put the info on their fb discussion page as there isn't any other place to put it or contact them
no problem, contact Megan McGuire at
The 1st person responded to my email right away and I haven't heard more BUT I can imagine the chaos about now....glad the dogs are out of their situation. I also have contacted someone who may be interested when these corgis are ready to go. I hope they don't try emailing me for a few days as I will not be home:( Even though I can't foster I offered to help transport or take a day to "help" them do whatever I can help with!!!!

Jane they posted they were able to get 49 of the dogs, photos coming soon. They are on their way back. 49 total dogs, but 27 are supposed to be corgis between 4-7yrs old


Thanks Darlene...


Any idea what part of the state yet? Just wondering if they are part of the ones that lakeshore named Iowa Castaways.  These people got to keep ???? after giving up 30. the reason I'm wondering is because I rescued 4 and kept 2 for myself.

No they were not part of the castaway, that was 3 years ago.
I know....I had 4 from the 2nd batch of 10 that they surrendered but I was wondering if it was from the same place that had to give up those 30 corgis back then...sorry if I didn't explain myself very well.
WOW...thank goodness for these people helping...I would want to treat the owners like they have treated the dogs!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the update~!

here are some pictures from the fb page of the group rescuing them. It said they are dropping the dogs at their appropriate rescue groups along the way. I saw 3 corgi pictures. At least they will be safe now.

I tried contacting them about fostering 4 hours ago, but haven't heard anything from anyone.  I may be too far away though, looks like they are more northern Iowa by Minnesota

Hopefully we will have more info in the next couple of days. I am so grateful to the group that is rescuing them. I think I am too far also.



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