Around what age do they start to frap?  Olive is 9 weeks old, and has yet to go nuts running around.  We keep her in the family room and kitchen area (open kitchen with an island seperating the two rooms... pretty large area), and take her outside only to go potty right now.  Do they need more exercise to get the urge to frap?  we play with her a lot with her rope and chew toys.  Just curious!  (We haven't been successful in getting her to go for a walk yet.)

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oh! Frapping comes when they get really excited and then bam!!! they explode with energy LOL try jogging around your island and callling her in a really exited come play with me voice I'm sure that will get her frapping or try giving her a bath both my corgi's start frapping as soon as their wet paws hit the floor. Someone posted a video of their corgis after bath frap thats really cute if you look through them. Age doesn't matter at least not in my experience.
Stanley rarely fraps indoors anymore but still loves to frap outside, especially if he goes over a bunch of fallen leaves. Sets him off every time, lol. When he was younger, he would frap if he got really excited like when I would tickle him a lot and speak to him in a excited voice. On the flip side, he'd always frap after I scolded him too. It was like he was throwing a little temper tantrum, lol
a guaranteed frap session is immediately after a bath :)
At 9 weeks she is just going to wander a little. She is a little young for a walk. Try just coaxing her to follow you a short distance. Sparty was frapping at 7 weeks but Izzy did not until we had her a month so it does vary.
Showing my ignorance here, but what is frapping?
here are some good examples, it stands for Frenetic Random Acts of Play or Frantic Running And Playing
You know, Lyla never really got into frapping. I think how much they do it has to do with their personality. When she was around 6 or 7 months old she got to the point where she would FRAP outside sometimes, but she still has never done it inside and she'll be a year old in two weeks.
Odin starts frapping when im mad at he thinks its a game when im trying to get the sock to took from the room.
Oh my gosh, now I finally have a word to describe Sadie's crazy behavior! She loves "frapping" in crazy eights in my front yard, I am glad to see she isn't the only crazy corgi! haha
Shiro'd do it if he was alone all day at home and didn't get enough exercise. Sometimes he'll do it indoors, but mostly outside with other dogs.
He'll always do it after bath, so your baby should too. It's very funny :)
Cinnamon fraps when I scold her. She runs away and then turns to look back to see if I follow. She only recently started the herding instinct. She's a little over 4 months now (like Odin). She's been slower developmentally than her bruiser brothers. :) It took me weeks, agonizing weeks to get her to walk on a leash. I have a "choker" style collar for walks that I put on her, but it is partially fabric. She and Nutmeg really enjoy walks now, and I use the dual leash contraption. If I get her all excited, she will chase me. She is very lazy too. Sleeps ALL day under my desk at work.
lol Cinny and Odin are the same. They think its funny when your mad at them. Then we have to laugh so we cant be mad...oh puppies


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