I knew something wasn't right with Snicker's tooth, but went into denial for several months. Finally realized that I was seeing pulp (a tiny spot of red) on the tooth, and wishing it away wasn't working. So she went in for an extraction and the vet found that the other big pre-molar was broken too. I think she probably broke them on antlers, so I am giving away the new ones that she hadn't gotten yet. The vet laughed at me, saying she doesn't have the molars that they break by chewing, but I want the antlers out of the house. Poor little girl has to struggle just to gnaw on a Greenie now, where before she was the fastest of our 3 dogs to finish them. Anyway, if you would like the antlers, I will mail them to you. I'll take requests until 4/15 (tax day) and then draw a name out of a hat to choose the "winner".

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How kind of you!  We would take them, and we would be happy to either give you some reimbursement in the form of a gift card to the major retailer of your choice, or to make a donation in Snick's honor to the charity of your choosing.  

Put our names in the hat!

Me too!

Please put my name in the hat for the free antlers.  Sorry Snickers has broken her tooth.  Thanks for the opportunity to win the antlers.  Abbey will be so happy!  lol

Ziggy wants his name in hahaha :)

Happy Healing, Snickers!

Mine would like to be entered too:) They always have to share...which they do well! That is very kind of you.

Please put my name in the hat also! My three little monsters would LOVE these! Thank you and Happy Easter! :)

How kind of you to offer this. My Maxwell would love to have his name included "in the hat".. Hope you and yours have had a wonderful Easter!!

Oh no! Sorry to hear about Snicker's tooth. Nellie would love these, it's the only thing that will get her to stay still for brushing!

I would like to be entered to win the free antlers.  I'm real sorry about Snick's tooth though! 

So, did your vet say that it's common for dogs to break their molars on bones and antlers ? I've always been taught that dogs SHOULD chew on bones and antlers because the grinding helps keep their teeth clean.  It sure beats having your dogs anesthetized multiple times during their lives.   Humans don't eat food day in and day out for a year and then go to the dentist and get put to sleep so their teeth can be cleaned.  That just doesn't make sense to me. 


My vet said that the most common cause of breaking teeth is chewing on something harder than the teeth, like real bones and rocks. He said he gives his dog Nylabones, but many people have written that they break teeth, too. There have been many discussions on things to give your dog to chew on, there doesn't seem to be a right answer. I'm sure many dogs have hard teeth and can chew antlers without damage, Snickers just wasn't that lucky.

Hi Snickmom !   Thanks for writing back.   It's hard to know what to do sometimes isn't it ?  You were being the very best Mom possible and doing what you thought was best, and poor little Snicker ended up with a broken tooth.  Poor baby.    I let our Corgi who is now 6 months old chew on really hard edible bones made from Brown rice and other natural ingredients. Our beagle foxhound can chew them up in less than 3 minutes so they're too expensive to give to her, but Wilson makes his last for a really long time.  I justified the cost while he was teething so he wouldn't ruin a piece of furniture, but I haven't bought any in awhile.    Edible Bones  They run sales occasionally where there's no shipping.  Here some others I've been thinking about trying:  http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=18805...


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