Frosty's Itchy Situation... Need Food Recommendation

Hi everyone! I have posted a couple times now about Frosty's mystery allergies, but I had another discussion with our vet today and I need some advice.  Frosty developed a frantic itchy problem in June 2012.  No idea why.  Nothing changed in our home and he has been on Pedigree for his whole life (4 years).  He did not have fleas, no hot spots, no skin irritation, just endless frantic scratching.  We were hoping it was just caused by our super hot/dry summer (live in Iowa) and that symptoms would fade once winter got here.  The vet has been giving him steroid injections to help calm the scratching/chewing, but the last one in December had absolutely no effect at all :(  I have used about 5 different kinds of super strength anti-itch shampoo/conditioner on him over the last bunch of months, and the latest stuff seems to help a little bit.

Anyway, vet says shots aren't working so we have to try some way to find out what may be causing the problem.  Step one is to change Frosty over to a hypo-allergenic food, or at least something without corn/wheat/chicken/beef.  There is no way I can afford to buy Frosty prescription food for the rest of his life, so what I am looking for are food recommendations for something that does not contain the above ingredients.  I can not afford Wellness, its just too much.  Does anyone have recommendations for something a little bit less expensive?  I had thought maybe Blue or Taste of the Wild, but haven't looked at their ingredients yet.  I live in podunk Iowa in the back of nowhere, so I don't have any big pet outlets near me to get food, just one TSC farm store.  If necessary, I guess I can always order food online.

So if you have any recommendations, I would be super greatful.  Thanks in advance!

Chris and Frosty

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It's interesting that you and your animals all have allergies. To me (from the layperson's peanut gallery here -- haha!) that would suggest it is something in the environment. Just a thought.

I agree, it's hardly worth spending the time and money to figure it out, if Benadryl works.

You would think!  But I actually developed allergies about 10 years ago.  We have moved many times since then.  Prissypants actually does have food allergies, she has since she was a kitten and she is 6 now.  Frosty is 4, but just developed his allergies last June. the buttons...I'm sure MissPPants doesn't:( Good luck...

I live in a podunk Iowa town too, Petsmart and Petco (and any other pet store) are an hour's drive for me.  I used to make that drive to get pet food because I hated all the food here.  I was doing searches for online places to order food when I got Shippo in 2011 that had decent prices for shipping and there are some but personally I love  The prices are the same (sometimes cheaper than Petsmart/Petco) and you get free shipping on orders of $49, otherwise it's a flat rate of $4.99.  Other places are like that but a lot of times the prices are higher but the best part about is you get your order in a day or two.  Very few times I waited a day or two longer but that's only when they have to ship it from a different warehouse (they have them situated all over the US which is why there's fast shipping).

I currently feed both dogs Orijen but it's a bit pricey and I was told to expect a price increase when they make the switch to a new formula so that's a deal breaker for me.  I'm considering TOTW because the Bomgaars here in town actually sells it (though I don't expect them to keep it in stock and if they don't, then I'll order it).

My corgis loved Taste of the Wild while they were on it. I started them on the bison formula but switched them over to the lamb because the bison gave Orion horrid gas! It is totally grain and corn free and has lots of great ingredients (sweet potatoes, berries w/ antioxidants, etc). I have since switched them to Purina JM after Orion tore both his cruciate ligaments and because I can get an 80 pound bag for 8 bucks (being a veterinary student has its perks!) but I'd definitely say try Taste of the Wild. Some of their formulas do have chicken meal in them though so if you think that may be the source of the allergy, be sure to check the ingredients list. So you might go for the lamb or salmon formula (the lamb is the Sierra Mountain and the salmon is called Pacific Stream). They sell it around here at Tractor Supply Stores so you could probably find it somewhere. 


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