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Due to the recent recalls, I am suddenly unable to find the kibble that I usually feed my dogs (Taste of the Wild) and we aren't sure what to switch them over to.  I don't have any kibble left to wean them over with, though I may buy cans of wet food to help wean. Does anyone have any recommendations for foods that might be a bit more gentle on the stomach during this sudden transition?

Acana looked pretty good to me.  Anyone experience any issues with soft stool, gas or other issues on Acana? Obviously each dog is different, and I have read through as many posts about dog food as my eyes can tolerate, but maybe someone else has experience with sudden changes in their dogs' food.

I feel horrible having to put them onto a new food all at once, but our local stores had been carrying small bags of Taste of the Wild right up until this week.  If I had known they would be pulling all of their bags at the same time (affected and unaffected alike), I'd have stocked up on the unaffected bags.

For those that are also running low, be aware that you cannot buy the kibble online through Amazon.

Update - The pet store, despite their initial statement that they wouldn't have any kibble for quite some time, had bags of Taste of the Wild set out by the evening.  So the dogs are back on their usual kibble!  :)

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You will probably be fine to do a sudden change as long as you are going from one high quality food to another high quality food. My suggestion would be to add a teaspoon of yogurt to each meal to help with the transition.

You'll probably see some sad tummies no matter what food you switch to.  To make everything easier, I would add some digestive enzymes and/or probiotics to the their diets for a week or two. 

Another suggestion I've heard around here would be to put them on a bland diet for the transition food - old food with more and more steamed chicken and rice (or nonfat cottage cheese and rice), then off the old food and ease into the new food.  Assuming no allergies to chicken, dairy, or rice.

I'd just feed boiled chicken and white rice for 2-3 days then slowly add in the new kibble 1/4 of the portion at a time. If you don't want to make your own your vet should be able to sell you an intestinal diet (either Hills I/D or Iams Low Res) to help transition over. When I am planning to feed the bland diet for more than 3-4 days I usually just buy the I/D and its something I always have on hand just in case somebody has tummy issues. Your vet should be more than willing to sell it to you if you explain about the recall and not being able to transition him.

Thanks for all of the helpful tips, everyone!  This particular crisis was averted!  Even though we were told that TotW wouldn't be in stock for some time, we found some sitting on the shelves when we went looking for an alternative food tonight.  I made sure to check the code on the bag so that I didn't end up with one of the recalled batches, too.  Yuki and Ellie are both quite happy to have their kibble back!

Hey Jen, I know you found a bag of TotW to tide you over but thought I'd mention my experience with Ace on Acana. For a grain-free, nutrient dense food, Ace still had enormous poops on just 1/4 cup a day. And they were soft, too. I tried different protein sources, and that's how I also found out that salmon is just not a protein that Ace's tummy enjoys. I've read elsewhere that Acana and Orijen can both contribute to soft poos in some dogs. I guess they just didn't really jive with Ace. :)

"For those that are also running low, be aware that you cannot buy the kibble online through Amazon"

Hi Jen Yuki&Ellie, I'm a new corgi owner. In fact i don't have the puppy here with me yet but i have done a lot of research about taking care of corgi pups. And most the time I'm looking for the food in amazon but you mention cannot buy the kibble online from amazon. And why is that? Thanks for the help.

The reason it was not available online was due to the recall.  My guess is that Amazon and the independent sellers offering it all had to remove the item from the site while they were busy checking their bags to see if they were subject to the recall.  There are some bags available again, but I expect it will take awhile for everyone to get their new stock and re-list it.  You could always try other websites, though, to see if others carry it.  I'm lucky enough to live very close to a small pet store that carries the kind that my two eat.  :)


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