Rocky is a very sweet and friendly 8 1/2 month old Pembroke. I do have 1 major issue. Every time i try to take something from him or try to get him to give something up he snaps at me. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can go about correcting this problem?

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I am definately not an expert on anything, but have you tried to trade an item for the item you are trying to take away from Rocky.  Like a swap......

Good idea, thank you

Set a command that you want to use...give or drop it.  Be consistent in using that word.  Use the command and if he growls/snaps give him a sharp NO. Sometimes a sharp, one finger tap on the nose along with the no may be necessary.  Your tone of voice and body language must be consistent and it has to let him know that you are displeased with his actions.  When he does drop it then praise him as if he was the best corgi in the world...cause he is.  Always praise for completing the action you are asking him to do...they want to please you but puppies are like toddlers, they are gonna push the limits to see how far they can go.

At his age he is beginning to establish his place and it sounds like he is seeing himself on top. Drop it is a great thing to teach by starting with a toy in his mouth, say drop it with a treat in your hand and when he sees the treat and hopefully drops the toy, give him the treat and the toy back. This needs to be repeated a few times each session. You are reprograming his thinking that he gains something instead of losing something when he gives it to you. However if you have not started classes with him I would now. Nothing In Life Is Free will also give you good ideas on how to assert yourself as the top dog. He is at a challenging age where training is most important.

Hi Dennis, retrain "drop it" and a "swap" should do it, when you retrieve the object from his mouth, you'll need to act confident, if you sense he's going to "snap", say "uh uh" to correct him. Good luck!

Just a funny story on doing a "swap". A couple of times on the way home from a walk Ein would grab a piece of bark (we live in an apartment complex, lots of beauty bark). So I would use a treat and get her to give me the bark. Then I noticed she would hunt around for bark just to get her treat! Darn smart dogs! The weird thing is she is very particular about the bark. Picking it up, putting it down, carefully sniffing the candidates . . . .some criteria in her head about what bark will get her a treat.


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