Søren seems to always be hot, even when it's fairly cool outside.  We don't have central AC (no one needs it in San Francisco), but when we visited my parent's house, he slept on the vent every time the AC was on.  Mostly he sleeps in his crate at night, but he always moves the crate pad out of the way and sleeps on the plastic tray.  When he's not crated, he sleeps on the tile behind the toilet in the bathroom.

I'd like to get a bed for him that he'd want to sleep on.  Any suggestions?  Has anyone tried the Coolaroo bed?

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Mine sleeps on the vents also, and she sleeps in her crate without a pad and during the day she sleeps on the fire place hearth, but she will also jump up and sleep on a chair or the couch too :)
Each one of mine is different. Rugby the older tri just sleeps on the tiled floor. I think he likes it because it tends to be cooler. Gryffin the tan and white loves to sleep with us and Teagan to puppy sleeps on an old pillow we put down on the floor. We've tried to get them their own beds but they like just seem to like what they like. So my advise is if you get a bed keep the receipt so you can return it if he doesn't likeit.
The coolaroo dog bed looks pretty cool. I know that a lot of animal shelters like to use this type of bed. You might buy one and see if they like it. I would definitely keep the reciept and check out return policies. It would be worth a try I would think. Good luck.
My sister-inlaw's corgi Owen is one of those corgis that is always hot too. He gets sore sleeping on the hard floors all the time to stay cool, so she swears by the Canine Cooler bed. He loves it and spends most of his afternoon on it. Here is a link to the website! I think you can get them cheaper off of amazon though.


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