I cannot get over the super-cute objet d'art there are featuring corgis.  I have received a few things this holiday season (I count my birthday as a holiday and I dare anyone to tell me otherwise), and I'd like to see everyone else's collection too.  Post pictures of the corgi art you have or the pieces you are drooling after.  Maybe we can get some ideas of what to next add to our corgi museums of fine art!

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This was my Christmas present from Twinkie!  "Corgi Pudding" was a birthday gift from my sweet (and frankly not as sold on the whole corgi-thing) hubby.  Both are featured prominently in the kitchen.

Oh, I saw the corgi pudding poster and must have it!  One of my favorites is Evie Anderson on eBay.  Do visit her site with the wonderful photographs and stories about her own corgis Chloe and Gwenny-piglet.  I have successfully won several of her originals and they are absolutely priceless!  You can also find her shop at CafePress and I think she has also just opened a shop on Zazzle. 


I am happy to own the original Evie Anderson "Hug a Fluffy"!!! 

Wow, great find Sam! McClintock does great work. Did you manage to find the bargain at a Marshall's / TJ MAXX type of store (that's where it appears to be)?
Yup, i think it was $9 -$19, depending on size :)
Good for you, what a great find! I'm going to keep my eye out for one around my area, that's beautiful!!!

I have always loved Christmas Corgi.


Here is her blog.

Valerie Brock also does good work with Corgi!  


Love it!  Very regal.
Is this something you did using maybe Photoshop?  I am intrigued.  Very, very cute!


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