"Got Nothin' Else to Amuse Me" Department: Do you hug your dog?

...and does it make your dog crazy?


Ruby the Corgi Pup comes up to me at dawn's early light and demands that I put my arm around her. More of a snuggle than a hug...but no question that the human will be nagged if it tries to hide under the pillows.

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I read this yesterday and chuckled to myself as Noodles enjoys being hugged/snuggled. I asked him this morning if he liked it when his mama hugged him and I received kisses on my face and then he rolled in to my arms for a hug. Apparently he enjoys being hugged/loved on and wouldn't want me to stop doing that.

{cackle!!} Possibly he's not a dog. That would explain it. Could he be a space alien?

Oh I subject my boy to hardcore snuggles and hugs every day.  He tolerates it most days...but other days he asks for it :)

Part of the reason I wanted a dog at all was to share "snorgles" with it!!

Chili is not big on hugging, but he loves to lick my face lol. It drives me nuts that I can't hug and squeeze him. He will start talking and growling in a funny way. He would never bite me, but it's like he's ticklish or something. He will get on my lap and have me pet him or his chest though. I really want to give him a big hug though! :P


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