Hi everyone! Happy summer!! I hope your Corgis are able to enjoy this gorgeous weather. I know Dally loves it--lots of time for agility training, walks, and playing tennie ball! Unfortunately, I think this being outside so much is also hurting her--with grass allergies. Poor thing! She's up-to-date on her flea medicine, but she's still constantly itchy!

For a while just giving her a Benedryl calmed her for a couple of weeks, but the itching has come back again with avengence. I've tried washing her in an oatmeal bath and continuing with the Benedryl (now taking it twice a day). There are no signs of fleas or ticks anywhere on her. She's starting to develop a few red spots on the inside of one hind leg, which I'm now spraying a hydrocortizone spray three times a day (started this on Sunday after buying the spray my sister uses on her Bloodhound that has grass allergies). Last night she kept me up all night scratching on the bed, so tonight I gave her an oatmeal bath (I know with Corgis you don't want to bathe too frequently due to their thick coats, it could dry them out). I'm afraid I may have to take her to a vet for a steroid shot.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any tips or advice??

Megan & a very itchy Dallas Mae

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We had to take Midas to the vet for his seasonal allergies and they put him on steroid pills. Our vet also suggested that to help with possible grass allergies we should wipe down his paws and belly with a damp cloth after coming in from outside. We didn't even bother with that though because half a steroid pill once a day keeps him from itching. He does lick spots occasionally, but that's just on bad days. It's no fun seeing your pup itch especially when they get hotspots :(. Good luck with the allergies!
my sister has a foster golden (Jonah) right now that is allergic to ohhh... everything =( golden bond of oregon has him on a pill (ATOPIA) at least thats how it sounds he takes it every morning it has some restrictions like he can have it 1hr. before meals or 2 hrs after so on and so forth but it has made this poor mess of a dog happy again the digging himself raw has stopped. My sister of course doesn't pay for it so I have no idea of the cost. ohh yea this pill is a maintaince thing it'll be year round.
Hi I talked to my sister and the atopia pills are given as needed so when he gets crazy itchy she gives them, so last spring he got 1 a day when everything was blooming he hasn't needed any in a couple weeks now though =)
My Sparty is allergic to grass,dandelions, thistle, house dust, etc. The list is endless. After a couple difficult years with predinsone we had him tested and now give him a shot once a month under the skin for allergies. That was about 6 years ago and he does well on that. We did not want to continue too long on the steroids because it can cause other more serious health problems. You should talk to your vet about ways to help but if it is severe like our's was the testing really helped. They said about 85% of dogs tested are helped by the serum they develop.
Thanks for all your help and experiences! I ended up taking Dally to a vet to get a steroid shot, and within hours she was already feeling better! :-) She even went camping with some friends of mine (and owners of a Cardigan) and didn't have the slightest itch. I'm going to try my best to keep an eye on her allergies and try to not let it get too out of hand.
So glad you got the steroid shot! That's about the only thing that helped my Ladygirl when she walked in grass that lined a bar ditch full of drainage water from the local public pool. So ...... she had a double whammy, grass allergies and chlorine from the drainage water in the ditch! Oh, she was so miserable! Bless their hearts, they're tough little dogs, but their skin is so very sensitive on their underbellies!


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