Poor Oscar has been such a good, patient boy these last couple weeks. First we taped his ears, which he tolerated, and now that the tape is off both ears are where they should be, for the time being.

He's also been teething for a while, but last night a couple molars came out (I kept them, of course) and this morning when I came downstairs there were spots of blood in his ex-pen, around his mouth and on his paws. Didn't find any other teeth but he may have swallowed them. I had to rush out because my ride to work arrived before I was done cleaning him up- I felt like such a bad mommy!-- but fortunately my husband is home today to look after him.

Having never had a puppy before I'm not sure how much blood is normal, and whether I should try to take him into the vet. He's in good spirits and doesn't seem bothered by any of it, but of course it's startling for me to see him looking like he just killed a small animal. Should I be worried?

Also, does anyone have tips for getting blood out of white fur?

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Update: A bath and some soft food for dinner has helped a lot, but he's been a bit lethargic all afternoon. He's a laid-back puppy most of the time, but today he just seems to be sleeping a lot. Does anyone know if his lack of energy is just because of teething/sore gums, or is it possibly a sign of something more serious?   

I remember Ein went through sleepy time when teething. His breath may also stink more if he swallowed the teeth! Try a frozen washcloth - it could help the sore gums.


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