We have a male and female and about to bring a new puppy into the pack. I worry a bit about some territorial battles that have been going on for a long time. Our female was totally the pack leader but male and one of their puppies always seemed to compete for attention, position, even sleeping location under favorite desks
Their leader passed away and the fighting has actually been less , but not gone. They dont injure each other but I shoved my arm between them once and paid. Then they calm down and lick each others ears and eyes... any ideas??

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I think your pals will benefit greatly from the "Nothing in Life is Free" way of life. When the pecking order changes in a group of dogs this frequently becomes a problem. Seems like you were having this problem prior to the loss of your girl. It appears they have possession issues and no real rules or expectations to follow. The NILF program will help greatly by you gaining more respect and control of the dogs. They learn to look to you for most everything they do in life. Typically signs are given long before a spat ensues but one must learn what the triggers are and to redirect the behaviors before the spats begin. The NILF program helps you focus on your dogs more and in return they focus more on you. You will find varied versions (do a google search) Most of all this is a structured "lifestyle" that has proven successful time after time. Best of luck!
I will work on this. I probably am not structured enough , but the humans in my family view the conflicts as them fighting over my attention. Lola growls if she is laying next to me and Koda comes near. or in my office there are 3 dog beds but they will often lay next to my desk and this is when the tension starts.
Think there is anything to this?
Chloe (the one we lost) was loud and bossy but had her rules, she stayed out of the kitchen when I was cooking , kept her boundaries and also kept the peace. Flare up between the other two were put down by her. We were a little more lax with the others. They obey and but the irritation with each other is something I would like to end.


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