since we've had Ein he's grunted a lot, it almost sounds like its hard for him to breath, the vet didn't see anything wrong with that.
Do all corgi's do that from time to time???

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Penny has a tendency to snort/grunt every once in a while. It seems like it may be allergies from dust or something else she has found on the floor or in the backyard...
I think what you may be referring to is reverse sneezing. It can be caused by allergies. It sounds horrible but it isnt as bad as it sounds. Hope this helps.
It can also be caused by excitement. Massaging the throat and helping your corgi calm down can ease the sneezing attack.
Camber grunts all the time. She gets parched barking (she'll eat snow after each bark), so grunting is her norm. No snorting sounds. Never really thought much about it; she only makes sounds during play.
Both Basil and Archie do this grunting thing, sounds like he is honking, but neither of them ever appeared to be distressed.
Lilly does her grunting sounds when she's snuggling me! not sure what that means!
Yeah, if it sounds like honking, it could be "reverse sneezing". It happens with my dogs from time to time but it does not hurt them.

Sidney makes little grunty-growly noises when he is trying to talk to us.
My boy has started happy little grunts when he eats snow. Otherwise he sometimes pants mid sleep.
Honey does a heavy breathing/grunting when she is super excited and playing hard. It's kinda pug like. She also does the reverse sneeze thing too, but that's very different. It's much stronger and usually stops her in her tracks tell she can get it cleared. I must say the reverse sneeze kinda scares me. It looks like she can't breath snorting over and over, though we do live in a heavy allergy region. Luckily she doesn't do it often and it clears quickly. Neither seem to ever bother her :)


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