hey all. i was just wondering if your corgis play the "guard dog" role. ever since we moved into our house (from an apt) ein has been the quintessential guard dog. in fact, he thinks he's a rottweiler. i'll play around with him and ask if he's a rotty and he starts "play barking and whimpering." so we're in agreement that yes, he is in fact a rottweiler. when the door bell rings he instantly starts barking and trots to the door. his bark is much deeper and more scary sounding. sometimes when the door bell rings and he's caught off guard (we're napping) his bark even scares me! who would have thought that this little dog could have such a monster bark. my dad visited the other day and he me that ein doesn't even sound like a corgi but more like a doberman :) he doesn't ever charge the door or scratch, he just barks. if we tell him to cool out, he always stops :) the ups man came and rang the door bell. he heard ein and left the package at the door. i guess he didn't want to stick around for me to sign. lol. i think its great because he makes me feel safer (especially at night if my hubby isn't around). i rest easy when ein's on the job.

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Tenby is our watch dog. The front of our house is mostly windows and glass door, so besides the big deep bark he makes sure anyone looking in the house see's a tough looking dog. We feel very safe with him around. Now Chepstow is the sweetest dog and would let anyone in if they looked like they would pet him. Would probably show them the sterling if they promised him a cookie.
Hahaha!! Same thing with Yogi and Abby as well...well not much of Abby coz she'd bark at anything...even a really dark room, which can guarantee me bolting out of the site until my fiance comes and check it out. LOL
It's hillarious when Yogi does his low growl, his front lips curled a little like he's pissed off or something. They crack me up!
Roxi and Charlie bark at everything and feed off one another which is great until its every 30 min at nothing! I think they just like hearing themselves talk :)
Atlas tried to defend me against a would-be, mugger/burgeler/who knows.
One night when I was getting out my car, someone approached me and asked me to use my cellphone (it was very suspicious) the guy ended up chasing me inside my house, and someone else joined him...

Atlas was on my lap at the time (as I was getting out of my car), and it is the only time I've seen him growl and snarl at a human, I had to hold him still to keep him quiet (I didn't want the guy freaking out and doing something). I have no doubts in my mind that Atlas would've willing thrown himself at that guy in order to protect me.

Needless to say, we have a special bond and I will never forget what he was willing to do for me.

/something in my eye
Oh, Ross, what a brave and loyal Corgi you have!

When I was researching Corgis before getting one, one site that described different breeds said, about Corgis, something like "Several of these brave dogs have lost their lives in home invasions, as they were simply too small for the task."

I believe that. Jack likes everyone, normally, but once we were out walking and some guy got out of a parked car and Jack started barking ferociously. I said quietly to my husband "He must be trouble" and kept a big distance.

What wonderful critters we Corgi owners are blessed with.
Yep, she lets us know if someone is coming up to the door or even walking out side on the side walk. I tell her to use her indoor voice and she'll bark softer.. sometimes. We live in a duplex, so I don't want the neighbors to complane.
aww i tell ein to do this as well :) i love the fact that he understands and he'll lower his bark. that is unless its something really important.
hearing some of these stories I now understand the constant barking. Though annoying it is - I forgot that they are good little guard dogs.. and reading these confirms it :)
Really if there are any bad guys coming through the door, I will rather my Keke run to hide. Take my money but leave my dog alone.

I'm super late in this discussion, but I was prompted to do a search about the Corgi guard dog abilities tonight. Wyatt showed a tremendous and impressive guard dog capacity tonight. We live in a small, tight-nit apartment complex. Dan and I were relaxing when all of a sudden Wyatt let out a serious warning howl. After that, we heard someone screaming "HELP!" Our neighbor, who is battling lung cancer, was disoriented and heavily medicated and was trying to go out of his second story window. His daughter was screaming for help because she was fearful that he was going to jump. Had it not been for Wyatt, Dan and I would've been none the wiser. Fortunately, all the neighbors assisted and called 911 and everyone is safe. Wyatt also let out a warning howl when a bike was stolen a few months ago in our apartment complex. He's our little Buckingham Palace Soldier, although he will smile often. :)


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