I have a friend with a female pit bull mix that he brings with him everywhere.  Last time we were hanging out, he mentioned his dog was scratching around her tail.  There is hair missing around her tail, and he said that little bumps were coming up, and he asked if I knew what it was.  He hasn't taken her to the vet because money is tight right now.  I thought it might be flea allergy-related, but I'm not sure.  I've heard terrier breeds are prone to getting "hot spots", but I've never actually seen them.  Anyone have any ideas as to what it might be?  His dog is around Perky (my dog) when he comes over, so I'm concerned in case his dog could spread it to her.  I thought mange started around the chest, but I wasn't sure.  Any ideas you have on what it could be would be greatly appreciated.

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That's what I thought it was, but I had no idea if hot spots had bumps. Thanks for the info. =)
I am not completly sure what it is but I do know of a way to give him some relief. Tell him to go to walmart and pick up cortizone. It relieves itching right away. We fosterd a dog who had hot spots all the time and a vet told us to use that. But if it dosnt improve he really must take him to the vet. Use the cream for about 5 days and see what happens. I hope it works!
Thanks. I'll tell him about using the cortizone. I've never had a dog that had hot spots before, so I wasn't sure what to do about them. I've heard there are creams made specifically for hot spots; are they the same thing as the cortizone?
I don't think he uses anything for fleas on his dog, so I think that's part of what is irritating his dog's skin. Can that cause hot spots?
Sorry I meant she lol
A good first step might be a good bath in something to soothe the skin, and a good look over to see if the irritation is any place else. Maybe check the "health" area here also, see if the topic has been talked about before. Could get some great tips there.
You may also want to keep your dog away from friend's dog, until you know what it is.
Hope your friend's dog feels better soon.
I found a post on hot spots that said to use Gold Bond on the spots, but I'm not sure that would be a good idea, since he doesn't have an e-collar to keep her from licking it off. I am keeping Perky away from his dog until it gets better or he finds out what it is (and he finds out if it's contagious or not). Hopefully one of the two will happen soon.
Maybe benadryl would help the itching?


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