Hi, I am wondering if anyone has encountered any problems or heard of any recent recalls with the line of dog food, Blue Buffalo. It is advertised as an excellent and high quality brand of dog food that does not use byproducts. However, I recently encountered a lot of consumer reviews stating they have had problems with their dogs getting sick (kidney and liver failure, vitamin d toxicity) and some even reported that their dogs died. If anyone has more info on if this is true or not, please let me know. Thanks!

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I did look up and see some complaints. I don't feed mine BB but I guess if that's what you're hearing...I would switch. I just looked up Blue Buffalo/complaints.

I've been feeding both the dogs and cats BB for almost a full year now.  No problems at all.  In fact I have been very pleased with the improvement in weight without changing anything else in their diets other than switching to BB.

They did have a recall a while back. However most companies do and most companies will also have a ton of negative reviews. I do not like Blue Buffalo simply because Franklin HATES it and it is REALLY expensive and I can get a similar type diet for cheaper. Franklin used to leave the "lifesource bits" all over the house so they looked like a bunch of little rabbit turds all over my house. He loves Taste of the Wild and its about $20 cheaper per bag for a bigger bag than I used to get with Blue.

I went and did some reading on the complaints.  I recently bought new bags for both the dogs and the cats but haven't opened them yet.  I do need to go to PetSmart on Wednesday for canned cat food, I think I will look into another brand of grain free.  I am not willing to risk my critters.  Geesh, I was just feeling good about it too.  Both dogs got good checkups on Saturday.  Most of the complaints appear to be recent.

I would definitely stay away from Blue Buffalo.  It didn't happen with every bag that I bought but, on the last bag of Blue Buffalo I bought for Chuckie, his stool was jelly-like.  Sometimes it even had blood in it.  It totally freaked me out! 

I took him off of the kibble and fed chicken and rice for a couple of days, his jelly-like poop disappeared, put him back on the kibble and the jelly-like stool reappeared.

So, I just threw the rest of the bag out.  I don't keep my receipts so I couldn't bring it back to the pet store. 
It's a pity too because Chuckie really likes Blue Buffalo!

Mai....I don't have my receipts either but I'm just gonna suck it up.  Not willing to risk it with my guys even tho they have done well on it and both cats and dogs like it.  I wouldn't buy human food that was showing those kinds of complaints, not gonna do it for my animals either.

Please keep in mind two things:

1) Not all reviews online are real. Sometimes competitors, people with a grudge, etc go on line and write fake reviews. This is true of any product or service, and

2) People attribute things to food if something unusual happens because it gives them a sense of control. No one wants to feel their dog got sick due to random chance, or something unexplainable.

So unless I see something bigger scale, I would personally take the reviews with a grain of salt.

I have Becca on a mix of Honest Kitchen and Blue Buffalo. I usually buy it at Planet Dog, so today I stopped in and asked them about what has been posted. They have not heard of any issues. "I haven't heard anything, but there are better foods." Planet Dog is very choosy about what they sell for treats and food items.

Planet Dog is the maker of Orbee toys and has a factory store nearby.

I've been feeding my girl B.B. since we got her (6 mos) and haven't had any problems. 

It wouldn't hurt to call the company directly and ask them if they changed anything. I did this with Canidea when Bella got sick "just in case" and there was no change. They actually had a vet who works for them talk to me about their food. I felt much better than if they would have disregarded me.

I don't have more info on the toxicity, etc. However, our Corgis were on Blue Buffalo but had HORRIBLE gas. We switched to Merrick and the gas problems are gone. I was getting concerned, too after seeing some of the reviews which led to the change.


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