What was to be a fun day with the dogs and horses, turned out very bad for Nicky. Nicky suffered a kick to his head and eye. Thank god my vet was open today. I was so scared for him. As i prayed on the way there that he would be ok. his head was cut open above his eye, i couldn't really see his eye due to swelling. When we got there he was able to walk thank god. My concern was internal bleeding or his skull fractured. The vet didn't think it was. She gave him an IV for reducing internal swelling and cleaned his cut up. What we need to watch is his eye and any further swelling . I hope he doesn't lose his sight and that the swelling behind his eye goes down.  I feel so terrible, Nicky loves the horses, he has been around them for 5 years, and this is the 1st incident thats every happened.  Goes to show anything can happen anytime, no matter how careful you are. I hope he pulls thru ok. Along with keeping a bag of frozen peas on his head 10mins on every 20 min. for awhile and keeping him quite. Please God look over my Nicky and let him recover.

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Glad to hear every thing is going well:)))

How is Nicky doing now?

Hi Natalie--Nicky is doing ok thank god. His gash is healing. His eye looks ok, but time will tell if any damage was done to his eyesight. Right now the color looks good. Hope it stays that way. Thanks for asking, hope all is well with you. Hows Lance doing with is auto immune, Wrangler goes in next week for a treatment for his.

Glad to hear he is doing better, will keep him in our prayers that he continues to heal fully. 

Lance is doing ok, he goes back for his check up on the 17th of December.  His last check up was right before Thanksgiving, well the most recent one since he goes in quite often. His steroids are down to 1/4 of a pill once a day, which is good although he still is on 2 other meds too.  He seems to be responding ok to lowering the dose, although his ear seems to be a bit tender to the touch but nothing can be seen.

Tucker and Lance have been playing ALOT more lately and have been doing well with playing. Tucker loves to go after Lances ear, in play, but Lance doesnt appreciate it much.  Tucker seems to get a bit wound up at times, so I make sure I watch them, and let them work out their disagreements, but if he gets too wound up, then I stop them. 

How is Wrangler doing?

Hi Natalie--sorry i havn't gotten back to you. Wrangler is doin ok, he had to be on penicillian for a month to clear up his bone infection around his plate in his leg. He's at the vet as we speak for his vet stem therapy--hope it goes well. They said with auto immune disease that he should have another in 2 weeks. Keeping my fingers crossed for the old boy, he's been thru so much and he still is such a happy dog. I just love him to pieces. What a trooper. My neighbors call him the six million dollar dog. LOL.  I'm glad to hear Tucker and Lance are playing now, more than before. Glad to hear the steriods are down to. More prayers for Lance coming for a good checkup on the 17th.

Thinking of you & pup...hoping for a full & speedy recovery.

Prayers sent and dont feel bad it is not your fault.

Just came back from the barn where i watched 2 border collies trying to herd  3 mares in a great big paddock. These are dressage horses and they are all over 16.3 hands and weigh about 1200 lbs each. A cold front came in this afternoon with a north wind and everyone was sort of goofy and skittish so they were all racing around.  The barn owner wasn't home so i just got my mare out of the way and watched.

 Had to think about your corgi...sounds like he's doing better. Everyone is wishing you both well. 

Thats how my horses were feeling to yesterday. As soon as i let them out in the arena they were running and kicking up, just excercising themselves and feeling good.   Where do you live. So you have a horse to.


OH wow, that sounds like a nightmare! Prayers for quick healing for little Nicky.

Rebecca, I know what you mean. I watched in slow-motion horror as Sidney raced down my driveway and into the path of an oncoming car. I was helpless to do anything and hearing his yelp was like having my heart ripped out. Luckily he ended up only losing a couple of teeth - HE ended up hitting the car, not the other way around. A split second faster or slower and he would have been under that car instead of bouncing off the tire.

omg that had to have been horrifying to, its awful to see them get hurt. I'm so glad thats all that happened. Its amazing how they just scathed almost a death sentence. I'm so thankful for both our corgis that yours is ok and waiting for nicky to feel better. He hasn't left my side this whole time. He's been laying next to me on the couch as i massage and pet him. Trying to comfort him as much as possible. They are our four legged children and its true when they are in pain you feel it to. I was sick to my stomach in the vets office, felt so horrible.


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