Please keep fingers crossed that all is okay with my best buddy. Last year at this time she was Dx'd with lymphoma and we did a course of chemo, which was successful and gave us a great year with her feeling great and energetic. However, I recently felt something I hadn't noticed before under her chin and am worried that it might have come back. We have an appt. with the vet Wed. I should be grateful that we had an extra year of fun with her but I'm still not ready to let her go. Of course, when the time comes, I'll help her go if she's in pain, but I hope that's not going to happen yet. Healing thoughts please!

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Thinking of you and Sophie, best wishes.

Hope all goes well for you and your pup

It is with a very sad heart that I am writing this. 
We lost Sophie. She was up and running around like a monkey dog Tuesday but was not feeling well yesterday. She couldn't keep her meds down and was getting dehydrated, so we took her in to the ER. Blood test showed severely reduced WBC. They hooked her up to IV fluids, antibiotics, and PB. Early in the morning we got a call saying she was fading. I drove like a bat out of h--l and we got there just in time to say goodbye and give her a few last kisses before they helped her across the bridge. I am so sad I can't stand it. My heart is breaking. I know I should be happy that we had one "extra" good year with her, but I wanted more. She loved to go shopping at the stores in our area where dogs are allowed and everyone loved to see her. She loved to go out for lunch in the summer to restaurants that have outdoor seating and all the wait staff and other customers loved her up. She was such a little sweetheart and a trooper. Through all the crap that she had to go through with her seizures, blastomycosis, lipoma surgeries, and this cancer, she never bit, growled or even showed her teeth to anyone. She hardly even whimpered. Everyone tells us that she was lucky that we found her, but we were the lucky ones to have found such a great buddy. I try to find comfort in knowing that she is free from that horrid cancer and her seizures, but it's not working yet. I hope she is with our first dog, Asta, and my dad and mom. The attached pic is from Christmas a number of years ago. She loved hanging out under the tree and ringing the jingle bell ornaments with her nose.


The picture of her with your Christmas tree is so special.  My heart breaks for you in your loss.  I've gone through that so many times over my 70 years with our family pets.  It is crushing it hurts so much.  I do hope that in time you will be able to remember all of the wonderful things you shared with Sophie in her time with you.  That your pain will lessen.  Every time I remember any of my beloved pets from years past, I get a little choked up, but then I smile as I think of something silly they might have done or as I remember how much I enjoyed snuggling with them, etc.  Again, incredibly sorry for your loss, but I am glad for Sophie that she found someone to love as much as she was loved in return. 

Almost as if a friend was feeling my thoughts of sadness about your loss.  On Facebook, where we often stay in touch, she posted this:

“Grief never ends but it changes.  It’s a passage, but not a place to stay. 

Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith…

It is the price of Love.”

Deeply sorrowful to hear this sad news. Yet...the good years were the good years. That's what matters, surely. heart breaks for you.  My heart is in the same place as yours.  There is never enough time with them.  I'm sure she is with Asta and your parents.  Bet Max met her at the Bridge and is showing her all around.  They will be waiting for us when it's our time.

I'm glad that you had one last moment with Sophie.  If you can, try to take solace in that she will not have to battle the illness anymore.  I'm so so sorry.  /hugs.

I am sorry you lost your pal, Sophie. I cannot imagine your pain but enjoy the beautiful memories that y'all were able to make together. Friendships are forever....RIP Sophie!

Chris, I am so sorry to hear about Sophie and that she went downhill so fast.  That is hard.   I know how much you loved her and will always remember how helpful you were when we first started dealing with seizures with our Madison.


How is Madison doing with her seizures? I hope you have found something to get decent control of them.

You're so kind to ask. She hadn't had one in ages. Just had one a few weeks ago but she came out of it quickly. The DM is the bigger issue now.


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