Hi everyone! I'm going to be getting a corgi puppy in a couple months, and I've already been preparing for her coming home (I'm a nervous/anxious/excited mommy, what can I say?). I've been looking into getting health insurance for the big "what ifs" further down the road. Any insight into companies/policies would be most appreciated! Also, what are some potential health problems that could be encountered as she gets older? Thanks!

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Hi, I have health ins for scout.  I didn't have it for  my first corgi. I got Pet Plan. I love it.  You can choose your level of coverage and deductible.  It covers genetic disorders and everything else.  Not routine visits,but any accident or injury including emergencies.  Scout broke a toe in July of 2010.  it covered 100% of the bill.  Faxed it had a check a few days later.

I figure if I don't use it again, I will when he is older.  it just takes the financial issue out of the way while trying to make medical decisions for a geriatric dog

I too have PetPlan for my chihuahua. Franklin does not have health insurance, with all of his issues I'm not sure anybody would take him on! :-) At the vet I used to work at I always would ask clients their opinion on the various insurance companies they used. What I found was PetPlan was preferred by far over any of the other insurance companies. But I also found that 9 times out of 10 owners said they wished they would have just put the monthly fee in a bank account specifically for the dog and they would have saved a lot of money that way. Insurance generally ranges between $25-$60+ a month and if you just put that money aside each month, unless you get a REALLY unhealthy pup, your savings should be enough to cover any accidents that may arise. The only reason the chihuahua has it is because I can tell she has a luxating patella and wanted to get her on an insurance plan so they will cover surgery when the time comes. 

I’ve had insurance for my Molly for about 9 years. I have Veterinary Pet Insurance https://my.petinsurance.com/ They’ve been pretty good with her various problems over the years. They pay relatively quickly. Good luck.

I don't have health insurance for my dogs, so I don't have any input for that, but there are sites, like this one, where they rate such things.  One alternative to insurance, though, is to take what you would pay monthly (say, $30) and instead put that into a savings account that you use only for pet care. 

I had health troubles for my first corgi... my vet also suggested opening a new bank account... and putting the monthly into the bank account.... since health insurance doesnt cover everything.... Unfortunately I had to put Bailey my first pup down due to congenital problems.... As sad as it is. I knew I did the best for her...but financially...it put us in to a bit of strain..... We adored Bailey ...But.it also gave me and my husband time to learn something before welcoming our new pup in a few weeks (Brody).... 

you never know what will happen....

We had debated about health insurance too. We currently don't have it. Yolie and Leela both were stung by bees. Yolie we had to take to emergency twice for it. Now we know what to do and when Leela got stung we gave her benadryl and was just fine. I want to comment that as they got older that was no longer a problem. The did get stung but didn't react anymore. Why do they go after bees????

Then Yolie ended up getting bladder stones this month. That cost us 1,000.00 which was a good deal from what I found out. She is still not completely over the "dry" peeing so we may have more to deal with there.

We have VPI pet insurance for the cats.  It's been pretty good.  It's not so much for the general checkups/wellness exams (though it does cover annual visits) but more comprehensive for catastrophic events, accidents and illnesses (www.petinsurance.com). We did have another insurance company about two years ago, they sucked.  We also have a CareCredit account for emergencies just in case, and may be increasing that. 

And I'm thinking of doing this for our new puppy: http://www.banfield.com/Pet-Owners/Optimum-Wellness-Plans/Plan-Type...

Based on the info so far, I think we may even add the cat plans for our cats to our standard insurance.

DEFINITELY better to e prepared than have something happen and not be covered.

I have Pet Plan for my girls...


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