Someone stole 4 dogs from a show. 2 Akitas and 2 Corgis!

The Akitas were reunited earlier in the week and the 2 corgis were found last night. Thank goodness the thieves had the sense to release the hostages. Hopefully this will teach people that you CAN'T steal pets and expect no reprecussions.

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Thank goodness! I'm so very happy to hear the wonderful news that all four dogs (especially the corgis) were found safe and sound and returned to their owners. That's fantastic!!! ^,,^
Glad to hear they are reunited!

Straight Outta Compton!!!
Yea!! Good news!! I am so happy that they are all of the good things about today's can't hide!
The van was taken from a motel 6 in Bellflower, CA. We all know why the van was stolen to begin with...they were after those Corgis...wise criminals BUT they saw how us Corgi Lovers can be like Bloodhounds and either fear or common sense got them to let the Corgis go. HA
Great news. I heard that the akitas were found and am thrilled that the corgis were too. Nice to have a happy ending to a kidnapping!


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