Question(s) for you experienced corgi owners out there .. do you do anything differently with your furry children in winter?  Eg. allowing them more calories, giving them ice cubes to make sure they're consuming water .. or should they get the same amount of food, and be left to drink water when they feel they need to?  Zeke is a typical eternally-hungry corgi, but he's always been good about drinking water.

Zeke seems to be: (1) Looking for food than usual, (2) Sleeping more than usual, and (3) Drinking and peeing less than usual.  By peeing less than usual, I mean he went outside twice yesterday.  This is his first winter, so neither of us are quite sure what to expect.

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I continue to feed mine the same...mine do get less exercise because their the snow and cold with a passion.  We tend to play a lot more inside in the winter.  I think most everything tends to slow down in the winter especially with more gray days.  If they will get less exercise than I wouldn't increase their food intake...they will just put weight on and you will have to get off come spring.

How old is Zeke?  He could just be maturing and just plain doesn't need to drink/pee as often.  In cold weather my 2 are perfectly happy going out only 2-3 times a day.  We've already gone from staying out for a long time the first pee trip in the mornings to doing it fast and heading for the door to come in.

I feed Becca the same for the most part. I might give her a little less than her scoop instead of completely level. It is forced, but I still walk her if the temperature is above 0. I have puzzle toys for bad weather days. She has a hide a squirrel, and some where they have to flip a lid or push a button to get the treat.

If this is his first winter he may be going through a growth spurt and need more food. How old is he?

Pretty much the same. Watch for his feet getting salt if icy. Feed the same (as someone asked his might have to up it if he's on a growing spurt but not unless he is skinny), water the same. You could take him to the AKC Kennel club for classes if you haven't, they have a great program and he will have fun. More trips to Pet Expo?


Corgis love snow! 

Thanks Linda, Marcie, Jane :) Zeke will be eight months at the end of November.  I was concerned about his possibly developing bladder problems.  He didn't drink any water all day but said yes to ice cubes.  I can't tell for sure if he's on a growth spurt, he's not overweight but he's never been skinny.  His ears have gone semi floppy, so maybe?  He goes to daycare during the week, and he's very active there.

Jane, do you mean Key City Kennel?  I looked at the schedule and I can't make any of the classes :( But Zeke does need obedience training .. he's naughty when he's not sleepy.

Yes, I love Key City Kennel Club...that's where all my dogs have gone but we live an hour away so we don't go as often as I'd like. They had AM and PM classes when I went.  My second choice would be Pet Expo...not sure what their schedules are.

I add 1/2 cup warm water to 3 of my corgis dry food 2Xs a day. They don't drink enough either! It works well.

Sully stopped drinking water so suddenly and dramatically this fall that I called the vet. She said it was very typical when the weather turns colder and also suggested adding water to the food and mixing her dry food with the same brand of wet food. I always softened the dry food with water and added green beans and pumpkin for constipation. Now her mush looks more like soup, but she still seems to like it. Then again, I've never seen her refuse anything with the exception of raw carrots. Loves all other dog approved fruits and veggies though. I don't have a scale, but she does look more fit with her usual 1/3 c. food and a few additional vegts. for added liquid and fiber. She still pees a fair amount so I guess I don't have to worry. Mixing water into the food does seem to be the answer Jane. It makes me feel better about limited water intake.Thanks.


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