Hello Every Corgi Lover,

My corgi puppy will come home with me next month, so I made a shopping list, prepare for the puppy. As a first time corgi and dog owner, really need your advise for guiding us, please take a look the list under, and tell me what do I miss? Thanks a lot!

Crate, bed and blanket
Safety gate
Non slip dishes (one for food and one for water)
Collar and leash
Chewing toy (Is Kong good?)and squeak toy
Dental stuff (any brand recommendation?)
Brushes (FURminator for de- shed and a regular comb )
Nail Trimmer
Bathing stuff
Odor cleaning stuff (Is simple s)
Flea and tick collar


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Litterbox!--this ain't a cat! ;-}

Kongs are great! The hold up well and they entertain...

I like Nature's Miracle for odor control...

I'm not sure how other feel, but I stay away from plastic dishes. They can harbor bacteria and give your guy/gal pimple like things.


Poo bags??? must be responsible...

Watch those flea collars on the little ones. They actually absorbe the chemical. I had a kitten seizure from a flea collar.
my cat almost died when we put a flea collar on him too :(
Don't forget the no chew spray, food, I.D. tag, puppy pads, and treats!
I'd recommend a plush toy too, they're always a favorite of GIbson.

a nylabone or maybe a small bully stick to chew.

Training treats (wellness just for puppy treats are AWESOME!).

Bitter apple is a must!
wee pads, oatmeal shampoo is good for them, umm...no litterbox lol....flea collars, not a good idea cause they can chew them and be bad for them, so keep them on frontline, and if i was you, get her salmon omega 3 oil for their skin and coat and can reduce shedding.
Thanks for everyone helping me to correct the shopping list.
One more thing, what size of crate should I pick for a adult cardigan corgi?
The crate I bought is huge.at least right now. haven't had a problem with messes in it though. I just didn't want to by another later on. He has a lg dog bed in it. Soft-sided because I cant move the solid ones. This one folds up so I can put it away or pack it to take with me to work.(I have a truck and
Kong toys are great. We use stainless steel bowls with rubber on the bottom. Super easy cleaning. As for the crate, we have a great dane size one for our two kids. Might as well buy a big one, since you'll probably want another Corgi very soon! J/K...Corgis should be up to 30 pounds or so, so look for that in the description of the crate.


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