Guys, I need your help. I've been feeding Mousse "earthblend" dog food for the past two years and was just told by a friend that the dog food is one of the worst ones I could have picked since it is a one size fits all dog food, per his vet. I'm really worried that maybe she hasn't gotten the right amount of nutrients and may have caused problems with her growth and that she's malnourished. ( she's about half the size of a normal Corgi but doesn't look like skin and bones). Anyone know anything about this food? Any ideas on what I should switch her to?

Also, side note- when she walks I hear a popping noise. Thought it was her nails catching the carpet, but she just had them clipped. Do you think it's her joints already. Any ideas on what to do?

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Thanks for the kind comments. The way they are laying Cory's shoulders look as large as Lucy's but that's not the case. I did measure her shoulder area OH WOW it's 6" larger than the rear end. That's ok she chases cats and squirrels now!!! For her she needs this weight to tow the rear along.
Ok, so took her to the vet to check her out and they can't figure out the popping noise, it's definitely not her nails though, she runs around enough that they have to be ground down by now...

As for the food, anyone know of a food that would be equal to the value of earthblend? My vet is strongly against all stages dog food too. Mousse actually looks chunkier to me now than she used to, but still hasn't reached 20 pounds at 2.5 years...

Did they give you any reason for not liking all-stages food? It makes absolutely no sense. All-life-stages dog food is BETTER than food labeled "for maintenance" or "for seniors" - it means it has met the AAFCO standards for growth and pregnancy as well, which are higher than a food that's labeled adult maintenance.
I like to think I have a healthy diet. I don't use commercial foods at all. Whatever is for dinner I just make a bit more. We share the bounty. These (3) get full platters. They just had roast chicken, broccoli and cottage cheese to cover up the supplements. They get green salads (no more grazing in the yard), meats of all kinds, fish when it's on sale, veggies of all kinds carrots, peas, green beans, wax beans, kidney beans, pumpkin, red beets, cranberry, cabbage. eggs. pasta the whole 9 yards. They don't seem to be real interested in fruit although they like apples and cantalope.

Since I'm not big on deserts we only have ice cream for birthdays.
They said that they couldn't see an all for one dog food being a good thing due to the fact that each life stage has very different needs and there's no way one dog food can cover it all.

As for people food and mousse. I'm not one to cook an awesome healthy meal for myself, let alone for mousse. So the special dinners is out ubfortunately. With my diet, mousse would get real fat real quick :(. But don't worry, she still gets a little ice cream or chips if I do ;)
No, that's just a total misunderstanding of what the definition means. "Adult maintenance" diets are allowed to be lower in certain nutrients than are puppy foods or those designed for growth or lactation. Something for all life stages has to be high enough in nutrients to satisfy the AAFCO definition for all those needs.

I used to have to have big discussions with puppy buyers' vets when I was breeding Great Danes. Dane puppies cannot have puppy food because it makes them grow too fast and gives them a higher risk of joint disorders. The line was always "But puppies NEED puppy food because they're growing so fast!" The answer is "No, they NEED to grow slowly, and finish growing at 24 months instead of finishing at 11 months." They are one of the most nutritionally fragile dogs there are, and they are fed the same adult or all-life-stages foods from weaning to senior.
You know, I personally don't think that each life stage requires as much difference as the pet food companies want you to think. And it is an unfortunate fact that most vets' only nutrition info comes from large pet food corporations. The way I think of it, in the wild all dogs are going to eat the same food now matter what their age is. They've been doing this for centuries and been just fine. The same reason I don't believe anyone who tells me my dog needs grains, I've never one seen a wold eat a piece of bread or pasta.

I do feed an adult food simply because the brand I prefer has different life stage formulas (Orijen, great brand, check it out if you're thinking of switching), but if the fact that the food was an all life stages formula was the only mark "against" it, I would have absolutely no problem feeding it. Wouldn't think twice.
I thought I had posted a response before. I have to admit I had to chuckle when I read yours. If not for the corgi's I'd eat all junk food. They are my incentive to eat well. They get their supplements, I try to remember to take mine. Crap I even got them guinea fowl to eradicate the yard of ticks, fleas, skeeters and whatever else.

Taking them out for walks, chasing their balls when they get stuck, moping up corgi fur, paw prints and the like gets me some exercise I wouldn't otherwise get.


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