So Mikko went to the "doggie hilton" for 2 days last week while my hubby and I went out of town. When we got back into our normal routine, he started doing this really weird heaving thing, which I believe is the "reverse sneeze" mentioned in the health forum, so I didn't rush him to the vet even though it kind of freaked us out. I figured it could be due to a number of things, like being in a new environment at the kennel, etc.

I should mention that we are also transitioning Mikko's food since he just recently started refusing to eat his puppy food and was just not eating for a few days right around Christmas... would eat other things, just not his food. So now he's on Canidae ALS ~ I figured if he's almost 9 months old it's a good time to transition from puppy food. He has been eating better but still isn't back to a normal routine, it's like he's finicky all of a sudden.

Anyway, today the reverse sneeze was replaced with a hacking/dry heaving type of thing, almost like he's a cat trying to cough up a hairball. He did this several times throughout the day. At one point in the afternoon he vomited a clear liquid, just looked like water, not the yellowy/foamy bile stuff. I thought it might be due to the fact that he didn't eat most of his breakfast today and might be an empty-stomach thing, but ate his dinner just fine and was still doing the hacking/heaving thing after that. Otherwise, he seems completely fine - normal energy, attention, looks great (just a bit skinny!). I have no idea what's going on... and before we go to the vet I wanted to seek advice from the wise corgi-owners here! Anyone have suggestions?

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Thanks Debbie ~ yeah, we did have him vaccinated a few weeks before boarding him. It makes sense that there could be different strains of the kennel cough, probably similar to colds/viruses that humans get?
Thank you! Yeah, he hasn't done any hacking yet this morning... so I'm hoping it is going away on its own. He just did it so often that I was starting to get worried!
My puppy does it a fair amount of the time when she's drinking water. She's been checked out by the vet. I guess she's been hacking cause it's going down the wrong tubes?
That could be the case too. I was worried he had something stuck in his throat that he was trying to dislodge or something! But he's doing better today so hopefully he's over it! Thanks for your help!
Oh, I hope he is better too!
Hiya, I work at a clinic as a Veterinary Technician and it sounds like your Corgi has a sore throat. Generally when they have a sore throat they are reluctant to eat for awhile and they swallow harder then normal, which can also cause the vomiting,,,,

hope this helped-


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