So I'm hoping Corgi Nation can give me some advice.

Last night, Murphy ripped his toe nail and gave himself a pretty severe case of exposed quick. While we're taking all necessary precautions and following doctor's orders here at the home front, we don't want to limit his "outside time" to right before the bandage comes off (when we get home at 6ish) and to when it goes back on (9pmish) - repeat the same for the morning routine. He's used to going out a few more times than that per day.

We think it might be nice to have some sort of bootie to protect his feet but there are so many freakin' options!

What (if any) bootie do you use? What do you like or not like? Where did you buy it? And more importantly, what size is the bootie?

We, and Murphy, would be grateful for any input.

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Be very careful if you get these booties because it has to be the right size. Kipper was in between sizes when he cut his paw so i got the smaller one because the big one wouldn't stay up. After having him with me at work for a 2 hours I checked on his foot and it was incredibly swollen and red. Thankfully the swelling went down and nothing happened but it was really scary.

Hm - those are an interesting idea but I'm not sure if I'd want to use a rubber disposable. Hoping to find a more long term solution. Have you used anything like that before?

Why is there a bandage? I would suggest just skipping a bandage all together. Franklin has ripped his toe nail off 3 times and has never had a bandage more than one day to get the bleeding stopped. I went to Petco and bought booties there, they were black and a heavy leather with a velcro top.

bring him to the store with you so you can try them on. With Franklin they fit only 2 feet bc of how much bigger his fronts are than backs, that was ok with me because its always a back toe nail he rips. I just put them on when I was taking him outside and slipped them off after.

You know - I didn't even think to bring him into the store for a 'shoe-fitting'. Needless to say it's a great idea! Hopefully my local Petco is as understanding as yours is and I can find something that fits... according to everything I've been reading poor Murph will pretty much be living in these things for the next month. :-/

I carry the Medium (blue) size PAWZ booties for emergencies. Your advice about not constricting circulation is important.
You might try that vet-wrap self-adhering gauze; I carry that for emergencies also.
Another thing you might try is quick-drying Super Glue, but this is perilous -- you don't want to glue his foot to anything, so you'd have to hold the toe still until it dries.
I believe Super Glue was originally developed for closing wounds without sutures. Rock climbers sometimes carry it to glue the cuts they get on their knuckles.

Heh - I can't imagine trying to use super glue with Murphy. Poor guy shakes like a leaf if we just look at him funny (jittery doesn't even begin to describe this pooch). I'd end up gluing his paws to the bed, to his head to.. well you get the picture. :-D

We've been using the self-adhering gauze for the last few days. Maybe I'll grab a pair of the PAWZ and see if he can stand them for an hour or so every day... otherwise we'll be dragging him to Petco for his Cinderella moment. :)

By the way - thanks to everyone for the help. I feel so bad for the little guy, hopefully I can get it sorted tonight and the next few weeks won't be so bad. :)

I've used the Ruffwear Barkin' Boots Grip Trex boots on Mishka's front paws in XXSmall.  Mishka is very average-sized, and the boots fit on his front paws but are looser on his back paws.  They are not cheap.

Mishka scrapes his front nails to the quick when he walks on pavement, and our solution has been those SoftPaws nail caps.  I get the XL size and I cut off the tips so they are the same length as his nails ought to be.  That might work for you, depending on how much of his nail is left.

My male, Junior, doveloped DM so I unfortunatly can tell you more than I ever wanted to know about boots.  We never found a pair that fit him.  Instead let me encourage you to buy infant size socks and some velcro to wrap around the top  when you get the socks on.  You could likeIy use something else.....we had velcro from the numerous pairs of boots that JR would not wear! He would wear the socks and tolerate them.  ^..^ 


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