I have signed up for Free Kibble.com on my daily email (Thanks Lois for the original posting of this site). Now I don't forget to feed them daily. It's rather fun as you can chose dogs or cats and you have a trivia question to awnser related to animals. I just figure all of us on this site love our animals and many have adopted shelter dogs so why not help other dogs. Each time you do this 10 pieces of kibble are donated. It takes a minute and helps out less fortunate dogs. Please...consider this!

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Thanks for posting this. I started playing this about 2 weeks ago and it's really a lot of fun. You actually learn some fun trivia and help out the shelter dogs and cats everyday. Please everyone go to the site and play..no one losses whether you answer the questions right or wrong!! Yippee!


Thanks Susan:) This is such an easy way to help with no cost of our own")

Bookmarked and done!


Thank you I am attempting this now. :D
Thank you for doing this:) I figure every little bit can help our less fortunate furry friends:)
I had fun! I got the question right yeah :D . I could not sleep last night, so I did not get to bed till about 10 am. First thing checking out the Corgi board, then playing freekibble. lol It does not take me long to become addicted. (secret I was addicted first time I saw my Mr.Peanut so long ago).
Thanks for bringing it up again.  Both sites are good.


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