I just got a call from one of my puppy owners...I know this is all owner error and I have offered to take back this beautiful puppy twice...but she wants to keep her....GRRRRR....I would love to rehome her...she is 6 months old and biting at her daughters (5-6) pants negs and ankles...I know it's a herding thing but I know what an older child/adult could do but not this youngster...

Any quick thoughts would be welcome...and a prayer that she lets me take back this beautiful baby!!!!!!!


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That is great news! I hope they continue forward working on the basics. One thing that helped me with Radar was each time I gave him his food or to let him outside, I had him sit and wait till I gave him the okay to eat or go outside. It seems like it allowed him to learn who his master was and was a good way of helping him control
his behavior. Good Luck to all!


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