I searched and didn't see anything but I am curious. I have now had two pems develop it within a year of each other. One went to RB last year (at age 9) and another recently diagnosed (age 11). The dogs were from different breeders in different states. It is supposed to be rare in corgis so to have both dogs get it is a quite a shock and absolutely gutting because of how they go when it is time. Has anyone else experienced it with their dogs?

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I'm so sorry you lost two dogs this way.  I knew nothing of this disease until I read your post.  It seems little is known about the causes.  I wonder if their might be some environmental factor at work?  

I wish I had more information from you.  Good luck with the new little one!

I had a German Shepherd with hemangiosarcoma. It is such a quick and devestating disease, at least it was in our case. One week she was fine, one week she was weak/collapsed and within a few days we had to put her down. Very unexpected and sad. I've never heard of corgis getting it and hear it more in larger breed dogs. I have seen it at work in several golden retrievers as well. As beth said, I wonder if there is an environmental cause? I know they are not from the same breeder but do they have any of the same genetics? I'm sorry for your loss :-(

We think we lost our girl to hemangiosarcoma in March.  She wasn't officially diagnosed but through x-rays and blood tests the vet felt that that was what she had.  I had never heard of it before.  Within 6 weeks of showing the first symptoms, she was gone. She was 14 yo but it still wasn't enough time with us.  We miss her very much.


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