i didnt want to leave you all hanging without any pics so here they are! im glad that u are all happy as i was a little worried of announcing the new arrivals as i didnt want anyone to think i was rushing but it was time and my mom even said if i dont do it now it may not ever happen. i think teddy would be pleased with dollar and the new puppy (we need a name!) she is so sweet and kind. we got her from the same breeder we are getting our puppy from, i mean how cool is that? our puppy is 5weeks in this picture and dollar is 7. i must say i love the fact that shes older. no crying at night, no accidents, and she already well socialized so she LOVES every person she meets along with dogs. 

*the pic of our puppy laying on his back was when he was 3weeks old. if u think of any names feel free to share. he was born on thanksgiving day. my husband wants to name him Scoutthis is what his dad handed me on Christmas day =D

dont mind the ripped up cardboard. my cats did that this morning lol

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Oh my gosh!

Two black headed tri's.... How cool is that!

LOVE the pic's :)


OMG...that 1st pic is sooooooo adorable (they all are but that one really is cute). Dollar and the pup looks quite alot alike:) You are going  to have so much fun! I would take my time naming him and you'll know when you have the right one. I prenamed one of mine and then changed it when we got her because the name did not "fit" her. Congrats and enjoy!!!!!!

thats what the breeder tells me lol i think trying to find a name is the hardest part of getting a new pup

They are both adorable!   Congratulations... What great Xmas presents!

adorable pics I am so happy for you :)

Did I miss something? Who is Dollar? Whatever you name your puppy, I'm sure it will be perfect.  And one thing is definite: that is going to be the most loved puppy...!  Congratulations!  Teddy would be glad to see you sharing your life with dogs again. :3

i hope teddy is smiling down on us as the house now feel "full" without Dollar it felt so lonely and empty. Dollar is our newly adopted dog from the same breeder i am getting my puppy from. my father and law found out about her and decided to give her to me as a Christmas present :)

Oh, awesome!  I'm super glad!  Waffle and I are looking forwards to your adventures with Dollar and Puppy. :D

wow thats fantastic- what a great way to start 2012

They are both adorable!!!!! congrats!! 

Dollar looks like such a little sweetheart!  And that puppy is just positively adorable!  He looks like he's going to be quite the little ham.  ;)  Congratulations!

soooo cute! They are going to like like twins when the pup gets all grown up! The puppy looks so much like one of Franklin's sisters! I can't quite see the inside of his ears, but it almost looks like he may become a red-headed tri when he grows up. How cute!


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