OK so my Puppy is turning a year tomorrow (Sept 25) Both his parents looked like they we're in the upper 20s to maybe 30 lbs. He came from a litter of I believe 8. The biggest in his litter. Hes ranges from 18-20 lbs its been between there since he was 7 months old. He eats about 1 1/2 a day. I don't mind him being small. I'm just curious why he came from big parents and hes so small. Did anyone have a corgi that started off small and grew up after the 1yr stage.

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Hi Atlas and Trinity, most corgis don't fully "fill out" until the age of 2. A Standard male is around 25-27 lbs when it reaches maturity.
my Corgi is 7 month old and I weigh him this weekend and he is 27 pounds. I am wondering if he is too big but no he is not fat! Does size really matters???
Hi Maryse, as long as Sami is active and walks daily, keeping around 27lbs is ideal. When there's excess weight, it puts extra stress on the joints - meaning rx or surgeries later in life. Check out the pictures comparison here. Losing weight takes a lot of effort and a long time. Good luck!
thanks! Sami's in great shape but then, I'll try to keep him where he is right now. his dad is a show dog and weigh 34 pounds and is really not over weight... just very masculine and toff corgi haha :)
Seanna is a little corgi, even though her dad was 28 pounds and her mom 25. She is a midget next to other corgis. The vet only wants her at 22 pounds, although we've settled at 25. She's had a little weight problem....never bigger than 28 pounds, but we are currently down to 26. She was also a bigger puppy in the litter, but just destined to be a little girl...
My corgi is almost a year and he ranges from 18 - 20 lbs as well but he was the runt of the litter :)
Franklin was about 17-19 pounds until he hit about a year and he has steadily filled out since. Now he actually looks skinnier than he did as a pup but he is around 24 pds and I think he's still slowly gaining. Seems with these little guys it just takes more time than with other breeds. I guess its the "big dog" in them, takes longer to mature.
I agree with Sam...it will take a little longer and you could have a smaller one but at his age it's hard to know.Somewhere back in his gene pool there could be smaller but it's too soon to know. My 8 month old female is 19 pounds, her mom looks small but weighs in at a compact 24-25 pounds and my female that looks much larger and is bigger boned weighs 26#'s. His chest will most likely deepen and he will get some bigger!


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