Billy will play forEVER with his pig ear and then he creeps away and hides them in the most random spots, he pushes them with his front paws, if he catches you watch him he will take it elsewhere, this has to be the CUTEST thing I have ever seen him do.  Do any of your corgi's hide stuff??

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Sounds like Billy is funny. Mine never did that even as puppies

Getting funnier every day...Glad he is finally coming out of his shell!


Yes, mine does, but I don't know WHERE she hides things! Eventually things reappear, but I've yet to figure it out.

Mine does the same thing but ONLY with pig ears! Its the cutest funniest thing. He "buries" it in the sofa and I sometimes help him. The funniest part is.. he only leaves it there for a few mins then he goes back , un-buries it, then eats it :) 

Yeah, Billy ONLY hides his pig ears as well.. I have searched my house and can not find them.  One day a grave yard of old pig ears is gonna appear...GROSS!


Butters hides his chewies, but he uses his nose to flip his blanket over them. The funny thing is he runs back and checks on it every five  minutes before he snatches it up and runs with it.

Ramji will hide his favorite treats and then get nervous about where he hid it and move it to anothe location. Sometimes when he cant figure out where he wants to hide it, he will just sit in front of it and whine. SO CUTE!!

I Love it!  Sophia does the same thing, sometime she tries to hide her piggy ear under our legs when we are sitting on the couch.  Alot of the times she walks around with it in her mouth with a worried look on her face just searching for a spot to hide it.  Almost always in an obvious spot, even under my bedroom pillow.  She is a little clown thats for sure. ;)

Bailie does this with everything! Treats, bones, cookies anything!. She hides them in the couch, under blankets, in dirty clothes hampers and I think it is the most adorable thing! Just one of her many cute quirks!

Brody only does this when we are away from home.  We used it to keep him busy because every time he "hides" it and we pretend to "find" it he needs to find a new spot.  A few weeks ago we were camping and he could just get to the edge of the woods on his lead.  He must have hid and rehid that bone at least a dozen times.  That was our morning entertainment!

OH! Mine just started to do that too! We took him camping and gave him a beef bone and instead of eating it he took it to a pile of dirt and set it down and used his nose to push dirt over his bone.  It was so cute!!!

Now at home he hides it, mostly in my sister's bedroom(thank goodness LOL).  He'll spend at least half an hour hiding and re-hiding his bone, comes out of the bedroom, looks at me, then walks back to go get his bone and find a new spot.  

He remembers every spot that he hid the bone so, if he's unsure as to where the last spot he actually left the bone then he would start from the very first spot he hid the bone and follow the smell from there to the second spot and from the second spot to the 3rd spot and so on until he comes to the last spot that has the bone.  It is so entertaining and cute to watch.

Sometimes it's so obvious where he hid the bone and my sister would say, "Total Fail Chuckie!". I'm just like,"Shut up! He's trying."


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